How psyched are you, for Halloween? Dress up in costume any other time of the year and you’ll receive stares from pedestrians (now you know how cosplayers feel).

5 signs that Halloween is not for youYet it wasn’t that long ago when a Halloween party was a novelty rather than the norm; a statement that makes this twenty-something feel old.

Suddenly, All Hallow’s Eve has become all the rage in Singapore.

Even if you’re nothing like Heidi “Halloween Queen” Klum, you used to remember having fun, creeping out friends in full costume; the makeup, wig and all. Now, even putting together a haphazard costume seems like the most time-consuming thing to do.

It could be a sign that you should take a break from Halloween this year, before you jump back into Halloween partying; like with these five indications below. . .

When you’ll choose a Halloween dinner over a party
Maybe it’s a sign that you’re getting, well, older. Even memories of those booze-filled nights are starting to give you migraines. Or, as a friend would say, “you know you’re getting older, when your best TGIFs are spent at home, asleep”.

When your geeky collectibles are your best Halloween ideas
Even those Harry Potter wands are starting to look semi-useful (albeit for one night only).

When your mum has more Halloween costume plans than you do
It’s gone corporate; now your mum’s buzzing with ideas for her company’s Halloween bash. Even then, she’s got more costume ideas than you have.

When you’ve a weak heart
An upcoming Singapore fright fest is purportedly so hair-raising that some damage control is needed; no masks or costumes are allowed on guests. If a horror movie night is enough to give you the nightmares (when you don’t even know what went on, besides a lot of loud noises and screaming), you might want to skip this fright night. . .

When you’re drinking whether in or out of a costume
Isn’t there another German beer festival going on right now? Are you sure you’re at the right event?

Image: David Castillo Dominici /