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#1 If you’ve done pilates, try… SURFSET
“You’ll do pilates and surfing-inspired moves atop a wobbly surfboard that mimics the movement of a board at sea. Your muscles work extra hard as you keep your balance while doing exercises like squats or sit-ups. My arms were trembling after the class.” – Ruby Tan, features writer
Fun factor: 4/5
Surfset Singapore, Level 3, 454B Joo Chiat Road, tel: 9751-0793, www.surfset.sg.

#2 If you’ve done zumba, try… ZUMBA STEP
“Same music, same groovy movements, same super-fun vibe as zumba. But here there’s a step board to challenge your legs more – for instance, you jump onto it from a squat. I could feel the burn in my thighs.” – Ruby Tan
Fun factor: 3.5/5
Virgin Active, Level 6, Tower 2, One Raffles Place, tel: 6908-7878, www.virginactive.com.sg.

#3 If you’ve played racket sports, try… SPEEDMINTON
“A faster-paced version of badminton played with modified equipment. You use a racket to hit a speeder, which is like a shuttlecock and comes in different weights. I could increase the pace of the game simply by using a heavier speeder (it travels faster, without requiring you to know techniques like forehand smash!). I worked up a good sweat from all the lunging and jumping. The best part: Speedminton can be played outdoors and doesn’t require a net.” – Ruby Tan
Fun factor: 4.5/5
Speedminton Singapore (www. speedminton.com.sg) holds free sessions at Bishan Park every Sunday at 9.30am. Equipment provided free of charge.

#4 If you’ve done kick-boxing, try… PILOXING
“This combines strengthening standing pilates moves with fat-burning cardio in the form of kick-boxing and dancing – all done to energetic music. Some of the pilates mat work done to fi nish off the class were really challenging (especially after all the kicking and punching!) and I felt my muscles working extra hard. You can slip on weighted gloves if you want to work your arms more.” – Ruby Tan
Fun factor: 4/5
Visit www.fitnessfun.com.sg for more information.

#5 If you’ve done aerobics, try… WILLPOWER & GRACE
“This class focuses on strengthening the oft-neglected muscles in your feet. While barefoot, you’ll do exercises similar to aerobics, coupled with a bit of yoga and pilates, but modified slightly to work out your more. For example, you’ll do a while turning your feet in and out. To prevent my sweaty feet from slipping, I had to grip the floor with my toes, which further engaged my feet muscles.” – Liu Kai Ying, editorial intern
Fun factor: 3.5/5
Momentum Lab, #01-15 Alexis condominium, 354 Alexandra Road, tel: 6339-2210, www.momentumlab.sg.

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine June 2014.

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