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Relaxing at the beach is a dream for many of us – a beautiful view, reading a book on the sand, catching some rays … It often seems like enough just to hear the waves and smell the fresh sea air. But the beach could be more than just good for the soul – there are also real health benefits.

The mix of sun, saltwater and wind is very unique and can only be found at the seaside. It’s a combination that stimulates our senses but also relaxes our body.

Take a deep breath, the beachy air is good for you! © Cover Media

For one, the cool breeze means our body works a little harder than normal – it regulates its temperature to make sure we don’t get too cold. Use the opportunity to take long walks or practise fun sports such as beach volleyball. Moving around means you’ll keep warm. After a while, your body will get used to the climate and become stronger. This means the intense UV rays and cool breeze work together to boost your immune system.

Another great thing about the breeze: it gives your heart and circulation a break, as it’s less likely to be humid by the sea. Those suffering from skin irritation often also find it helps with itchiness.

Of course it’s important to stay safe under the UV rays and use an SPF that’s right for you, but the sun also has a positive impact on your health. It’s a source of Vitamin D, an important vitamin in terms of regulating calcium levels and strengthening bones. It also helps boost people’s moods.

Make the most of the sea air, too. The saltwater air means small water particles will get through to your nose and throat, and maybe even as far as your lungs. It can help to loosen phlegm and also helps with conditions such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. Those who suffer from allergies benefit due to the few allergens found in sea air.

Tiny saltwater particles that are distributed in the air are also great for those who want to improve the condition of their skin. They settle on the skin and have properties that help with infections. Especially those who have eczema will find they profit. © Cover Media