5 health benefits from eating more lobsters

Rock Lobster! The B52’s had the right idea in praising the marine crustaceans as they have all sorts of benefits, as well as tasting delicious. From being added to a salad or eaten in a roll to straight up and untouched, there are so many ways to serve this seafood and reap the benefits.

1. It’s packed full of protein and is low in fat, so if you’re on a diet it will make the perfect addition to your meal plans. The protein will keep you full for a long time, while the low fat element will keep the pounds off your waist line.

2. It’s also low in cholesterol meaning it is good for the heart, as high levels can lead to problems such as cardiac arrest and heart attacks.

3. Your blood pressure also affects your heart, and with good levels of Omega-3 fatty acid lobster will lower this as well as reducing the risk of arrhythmias (problems with your heart beat).

4. Brain function is improved as well thanks to the Omega-3 lobster contains, while the zinc in it has been liked to increased brain activity along with giving your immune system a boost. The mineral also helps your tissue recover from injuries quicker.

5. The pros don’t stop there – as it possesses selenium, a trace element, it helps stimulate the activity of thyroid glands. Selenium protects against free radicals during metabolism too, making lobster a great food to eat if you’re looking to lose weight.

So how to go about buying the perfect lobster to serve?

It’s best to go for a critter which is alive and moving about, and make sure its tail is curled up instead of hanging downwards. Also check with the place of purchase that it hasn’t been sat in the tank for more than a week as the fresher the better.

Dry lobster with yellow meat is an indication that the creature is old, and was perhaps sick towards the end – stick to the bright red shell and white meat with a touch of moistness to it. Keep it wrapped in several sheets of paper and slightly damp when putting it in the fridge and don’t let it linger for too long! — Cover Media