As the haze condition worsens, Singaporeans get geared up with their N95 masks, track the PSI diligently and even buy air purifiers in hopes to make the air surrounding them clearer. However, some seem to take this hazy situation as an opportunity to let their humour shine (amidst the haze, that is). 

Yes, these inspired individuals take to the net to share some of the funniest haze related puns and jokes. Here are a few of our favourite tweets about the #sghaze.

#1 Speculation about the future haze conditions

#2 Some are unhappy over the fact that only primary schools and secondary schools ceased operating…

#3 Did you catch the newly released movie yesterday?

#4 Is this a stairway to heaven?

#5 And this humorous jab at our neighbour’s low exchange rate

If you’ve managed to get some time off work, why not take a short getaway to somewhere haze-free?