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3 attractive home fixtures that could be giving you bad feng shui: Mirrors, open-concept kitchens and exposed ceiling beams | Image: Pete McArthur/Corbis and Dreamstime

1. Mirrors, mirrors, everywhere

Why it’s bad feng shui: Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger, brighter home, but, when placed directly in front of your bed, could “invite” a third party into your marriage – yikes! 

The cheat fix: If the mirrors are part of your closet doors, cover them with curtains or drapes before you sleep.


2. The open-concept kitchen

Why it’s bad feng shui: The kitchen stove represents your rice bowl and, in an open-concept kitchen, it’s likely that guests will be able to see your stove when they enter your home – in feng shui terms, this means that your wealth is not well protected.

The cheat fix: If it’s too much work to reposition your stove so that it is not visible from your home entrance, simply get a portable screen and place it between the kitchen and front door.


3. Exposed ceiling beams

5 easy ways to create good feng shui at home m1.jpg

Why it’s bad feng shui: This rustic-chic feature is said to create oppressive energy that can result in illness, bad luck and business problems – especially when located in the bedroom. They are also believed to cause medical issues in the parts of your body over which a beam “crosses”. For example, you might get headaches if a beam is directly above your head at your desk.

The cheat fix: “Shield” yourself by hanging curtains around your bed – simply suspend them from drapery rods mounted to the ceiling. Or, paint the exposed beams in the same colour as your ceiling, so they appear less “oppressive”.


4. Place significant objects facing one of eight feng shui directions

According to feng shui principles, placing certain objects in a location that faces one of eight feng shui directions is key to determining good fortune. 

To increase your chances of romance: Place symbols of love, like flowers and heart-shaped items, in a corner of your home that faces east. 

To advance your career: Place your work desk in a corner of your home that faces north-west.


5. Pick an auspicious date for moving house or renovation

Use STProperty’s feng shui tool at www.stproperty.sg/property-fengshui. You’ll need to key in your gender, date of birth and the time period you’re considering.


This story was first published in Her World magazine, January 2015 issue.