We’re sure we’re hardly the only ones to crave a good cup of hazelnut-laced coffee, or a minty cup of java every now and then. Now you can even skip the cafe visit to get that special caffeine kick thanks to the festive new Nespresso coffee capsules.

Three new limited edition flavours — Hazelnut Dessert, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Mint — will soon be available at Nespresso stores from November 13, 2014, for $12 for a sleeve of 10 capsules. Place one of these capsules in your Nespresso coffee machine of choice and with the press of a button you’ll be sipping the taste of Christmas.

nespresso christmas 2014 capsules.jpg

The Nespresso limited edition capsules for Christmas 2014. Images: Nespresso

It’s not just a plain ol’ espresso shot that you’ll be able to whip up either; Nespresso has also shared some easy recipes that you can use with these Christmas coffee capsules.

The caveat for these recipes is that you do need a Nespresso machine, a milk frother (like Nespresso’s Aeroccino frother) and these festive capsule flavours to prepare these sweet brews. But think of it as an investment; you’ll save your daily coffee dollars by making your own cup of minty cappuccino in your kitchen. Plus you’re sure to impress your Christmas guests with these new coffee-making tools. 

½ shot glass of vanilla syrup
½ shot glass of hazelnut syrup
2 capsules of Nespresso Hazelnut Dessert
Fresh cream
Caramelised hazelnut

Hazelnut Cream.jpg

Hazelnut cream coffee, served with a sweet treat. Image: Nespresso

1. Pour the hazelnut syrup and vanilla syrup into your serving glass.
2. Prepare two espresso shots (approximately 40ml) with two Nespresso Hazelnut Dessert capsules, followed by some cream on top.
3. Sprinkle caramelised hazelnut on the top of your drink to serve.

1 shot glass of hazelnut syrup
1 teaspoon chocolate hazelnut sauce
1 capsule of Nespresso Hazelnut Dessert

For the topping:
Milk frother

Hazelnut Crunchy Cappuccino.jpg

How about a cupcake to go with your Hazelnut Crunchy Cappucino? Image: Nespresso

1. Pour the chocolate hazelnut sauce into your coffee cup.
2. Prepare one espresso shot with a Nespresso Hazelnut espresso capsule, then pour it into the coffee cup with the chocolate hazelnut sauce.
3. Make some milk froth by pouring the hazelnut syrup and the milk into the milk frother.
4. Pour the flavoured milk froth into your coffee cup.
5. Sprinkle some muesli on top and serve.

1 teaspoon of black chocolate sauce
2 shot glasses of mint syrup
1 capsule of Nespresso Chocolate Mint
Milk frother

Chocolate Mint Cappuccino.jpg

Chocolate Mint Cappuccino, matched with a cupcake too. Image: Nepresso

1. Pour chocolate sauce into your cup.
2. Prepare one espresso shot of coffee with a Nespresso Chocolate Mint capsule and pour this into the cup with chocolate sauce.
3. Pour milk and mint syrup into your milk frother for a flavoured froth.
4. Top the milk froth onto your coffee to serve.

2 capsules of Nespresso Chocolate Mint
2 scoops of chocolate mint ice-cream
Ice cubes
3 shots of mint syrup

For the topping:
Milk frother
Cocktail shaker

Chocolate Mint Iced Latte.jpg

Macarons to go with a glass of chocolate mint iced latte. Image: Nespresso

1. Make two espresso shots with two Nespresso Chocolate Mint capsules. Add the prepared brew to a shaker with ice cubes, then shake well.
2. Prepare some milk forth by pouring the milk and mint syrup into the milk frother to mix.
3. Place two scoops of chocolate mint ice-cream in your serving glass, then pour the contents of the shaker into the same glass, followed by the milk froth.

1 capsule of Nespresso Apple Crumble
Whipped cream
2 teaspoons of rhubarb marmalade
Maple syrup
2 shortbread cookies (in crumbles)

Apple crumble gourmand coffee recipe

Apple Crumble Coffee, with some meringue. Image: Nespresso

1. Make some whipped cream with your milk frother and fill it into a glass.
2. Then pour some maple syrup and crumbles of the shortbread cookies into the same glass.
3. Prepare an espresso shot with a Nespresso Apple Crumble capsule. Then pour it into a second glass, to go with your milk froth.

Prices start from $12 for a sleeve of 10 Nespresso limited edition capsules. The Nespresso Hazelnut Dessert, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Mint Limited Edition Variations Grands Crus capsules will be available from November 13, 2014 at Nespresso Boutiques at ION Orchard #01-14, Takashimaya D.S. Basement 1. You can also purchase them online at  www.nespresso.com and via the Nespresso Mobile App (iPhone, iPad or Android) or through the Nespresso 24 hours toll-free hotline 800 852 3525.