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Image: Corbis

As the haze condition in Singapore worsens, so may the mood of us Singaporeans. Although the short term effects of haze on our health include irritation of the nose, eyes and throat, individuals with chronic heart and lung conditions will have something substantial to fear.

You walk out of the house and oof! you’re being hit in the face by the haze and a strong, burning smell. Before you panic and whip out your N95 mask, use these apps to check if the PSI level in Singapore is really at a dangerous level.

#1 Haze Singapore
This app is simple to use, and shows you the PSI levels in Singapore at a glance. Besides having handy functions such as “shake to refresh” and “share PSI level on Facebook”, it also has a push notification function that alerts you whenever the haze reaches dangerous levels.

#2 Haze@SG
This app provides you with information about the hourly PSI and helps you understand what the current PSI means. The app is user-friendly and tells you when to stay indoors and if you should avoid outdoor activities, and also if children and the elderly should try to avoid leaving the house.

#3 myENV
myENV is an app by the National Environment Agency. Besides having useful information such as rain alerts, locating dengue hotspots and food licenses, this app also allows you to check up on the latest PSI and PM2.5 news (PM is the particulate matter which affects our air quality).

#4 Singapore Air Quality
This app gives you information on the air quality based on the site http://haze.gov.sg. The app is easy to understand and allows you to see overall weather trends at a glance as it shows you a graph of the air standards over the past few days. In addition, it also displays the levels of pollutant concentrations (PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and SO2), if you should be interested in knowing so.

#5 Haze
Haze is a minimalist weather app and will give you the information you need on a simple and clean screen layout. The app allows you to check on the temperature, sunshine hours, rain chance and more information on the current weather. If you’re looking for an additional app to complement your PSI app, Haze will allow you to check on humidity levels, wind direction and other details too.

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