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Are you guilty of signing up for numerous yoga, cardio fitness lessons and gym memberships — only to see very little result? You could probably buy really pretty and glamorous workout outfits with the amount of money you spend on your fitness regime itself.

With the right mindset and strong determination, you can also keep fit for much less and in the comfort of your own home. Here are several ways to kick start an affordable fitness routine!

#1 Home videos
Cost: Free!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a year on expensive yoga and cardio dance classes, why not learn the same steps you might at a class in the comfort of your own bedroom? There are tons of videos available on YouTube that provide step-by-step lessons on popular fitness routines such as yoga, pilates and cardio combinations.

YouTube fitness gurus like Cassey Ho from blogilates make weekly videos on pilates and cardio which are easy to follow, which means that you will never get bored repeating the same moves week after week.

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Image: Blogilates’ Instagram account 

You also get the freedom to choose when you want to do these exercises. That means no more excuses about skipping expensive fitness classes because you’re too tired after work!

Tip: When you work out alone, do so in front of a mirror so you can monitor your posture and check that you are doing the moves right.

#2 DIY your own equipment
Cost: Old household items lying around the house —  almost free!

Buying your own gym equipment can be very costly ($100+ for a set of dumbbells? No way!) so why not make your own? Whoever attached an expensive label to fitness has not seen how easy it can be to make your own equipment with little to no money spent at all.

Reuse those one-litre soft drink bottles lying around your kitchen and fill them with water to get your makeshift dumbbell. Instead of lifting weights, lift these ‘bottle weights’. When filling the bottles with just water becomes too easy for you, fill these bottles with rice or even sand.

Exercise mat
Get an old blanket and attach it to the top of a non-slip bath mat (that can be bought for less that $5) to get your makeshift exercise mat. Not only will you have an exercise mat that is cheap and works well; you can also decide how thick or thin you need your mat to be.

#3 Take the stairs
Cost: Free!

Incorporate some cardio into your daily routines so that keeping fit will not feel so much like a chore. For instance, when you’re on the way to work every morning, take the stairs up to your office instead of taking the escalator or lift.

These little changes to your lifestyle will allow you to take more steps in a day, and be closer to the ideal 10,000 steps that you are supposed to make daily. This method will be extremely helpful, especially if you have a desk job which does not allow you to move around much during the day.

Plus this means you don’t really need that treadmill! So the next time time you see a flight of stairs, instead of going ‘oh no’, make it part of your fitness goal to conquer every stair you see.

Tip: Download apps on your phone that will help you calculate the number of steps you take a day.

#4 Organise mass workouts with a group of friends
Cost: Free!

What better way to workout than with friends who share the same fitness goals? Gather a group of friends and encourage each other to work out together at least once a week.

Book a hall in your neighbourhood community centre for a spacious place to have a mass workout or if you feel like being in an open space, open-air venues such as Marina Barrage or reservoirs will be perfect for you.

Tip: If you still feel like you need a teacher or a visual example to help you with your workouts, you can buy a workout DVD and share it amongst your friends as well. This way, you will not need to spend as much on the DVDs either.

#5 Look for cheaper alternatives
Cost: $3.30 per visit

Monthly gym memberships can be very expensive and easily cost up to at least $100 a month. Although they give you an unlimited access to their equipment and facilities, between working on weekdays and spending time with family and friends on weekends, how much do you actually get out of the membership?

You can visit your neighbourhood sports centre instead, as they offer cheaper rates than that of private gyms.

Most of these public sports centres also charge on a one-time visit basis, which means that you only pay for your ticket to enter for that one day, which gives you better control over how much use you actually get out of the fee you pay.

The standard entry fee for a public gym in Singapore is $3.30 — a cheap option for those of you who are convinced that you can most definitely save on fitness now.  

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