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Read a book

If you have a book on the go why not get stuck into it during these periods? Perhaps give yourself an aim, finishing a chapter or reading a certain amount of pages, to keep yourself going. Another benefit of this is a distraction – before you know it you’ll be at your destination and it will feel nowhere near as long. Want a hands-free option? and offers a wide array of audio books. You can ever get them for free if you watch YouTube vloggers, many of them provide codes for a free audiobook of your choice.

Or make it something work-related if you’re feeling up to it, perhaps even make notes or come up with ideas that will help make your day that little bit easier.

Get into ‘the zone’

It may be a day in which you have to tackle an important task, or have a chat with that high-up person you really need to impress. While travelling in the morning keep yourself awake so you won’t be groggy once you reach work – you won’t be making a great impression if you arrive half asleep. Think about how you want to be when you’re in your place of work and get ready to put your mindset into action. If it helps, make a list of your thoughts, or organise a list of things you have to do for that day.

Stimulate your body

Whether it be some upbeat tunes, a cup of coffee or a brisk walk, wake yourself up in whatever way you can on your commute. Perhaps get off the bus or train a stop early, or park your car a little further away than normal, to get some fresh air before getting stuck into the work ahead. You’re bound to feel better in the long run and not have the usual afternoon slump. And on the way home try to unwind – leave the work where it belongs so it doesn’t keep you up all night.

Stimulate the brain

Crosswords, puzzles and quizzes will get your mind working, and if it fits in with your career than you’re already getting a step ahead on your day. For example if you’re an accountant, try playing some number games, or if your job is creative perhaps jot down some poems or drawings to keep motivated.

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