Work woes begone! | Image: © Cover Media

Whether you’re desperate to get a new job or just feeling a bit stir crazy, there have been times when we’ve all been dissatisfied at work. It’s a tricky thing too, because the more you dwell on being unhappy the worse it can make you feel. And then suddenly a role which isn’t actually that bad seems like the most terrible thing in the world. So what to do? Here we look at some easy ways to boost your mood when you’re in a difficult period at work.


We’re not saying you should start surfing the net when you should be filing a report, but make sure you take the breaks owed to you. Use them wisely, too; try fitting in something you love during your lunch break. Whether that’s going for a posh coffee, meeting a friend, heading to the gym or just having a walk, time away from your desk will become something to look forward to.


This is two-pronged advice. First up, make time for your pals no matter how down you’re feeling. When you’re fed up it’s easy to retreat to the sofa with a tub of ice-cream and a box set, but actually you need to spend time with the people you love. Even just meeting for a chat will remind you there’s more to life than your job. Or maybe you could convince a friend to start an evening class with you, so you get a new hobby too.

Also try building on any friendships you have at work. It’s very rare that there won’t be even one person you get on with, and getting closer could make things more fun. Ask if your friend would like to go for lunch or borrow your book – anything to forge a bond.


Yes it’s difficult not to get sucked into apathy when you’re bored at work, but you wanted this job once. Working hard can make the time go quickly, plus it’ll get you noticed. As soon as you mark yourself out as someone who gets things done, people will start to offer you different projects. You never know; it might lead to a new path you enjoy more.

Also, try thinking about whether something could be changed to make the work better. Maybe a process is too long-winded or you can think of a better way to do a task. Once you know your boss well enough, make some suggestions. It’ll mark you out as someone who thinks outside the box.


Of course everyone has to temper themselves a bit at work, but don’t go too far. If you never have anything interesting to say, people won’t want to talk to you; it’s harsh but true. A discussion about last night’s TV or a news story you’ve read can spark something bigger, so don’t be afraid to speak up. © Cover Media