Image: The Straits Times

The SG50 celebrations were in full swing over the weekend, and approximately 1.7 million (wow!) people took part in the various activities.

Ever since the launch of the SG50 logo and tagline earlier this year, I have seen countless brands, events, promotions etc jumping onto the SG50 wagon. Initially, I loved the idea of SG50, because I think it’s a great way to celebrate how far we have come since our independence day, but some of them were a bit too gimmicky … #everythingalsoSG50 right?

But the good stuff was really good … Here are our 4 favourite things we loved about the SG50 Jubilee Celebrations!

1. Free transport

“I think it was the first time in Singapore’s history that public transport was free. I loved how I could breeze in and out of the stations/buses without having to fumble for my ez-link card.” – Cheng Jee Yan, Fashion Writer

2. Super patriotic goodies and decorations

“I loved that there were so many different SG50 decorations this year besides the usual flag-hanging tradition. It was really nice to see cars with the ‘red dot’ on their roofs and kids running around in public waving their SG50 LED balloons and Singa Lion figurines from their fun packs.” – Ainslyn Lim, Intern

3. The nostalgia of past National Day songs at the parade

“There are some songs that stick with you no matter how long it’s been. ‘Home’ is probably my favourite. Even if you aren’t the most patriotic Singaporean, you’ll find that you know all the words.” – Alyssa Dhaliwal, Beauty Writer

4. Red and white #ootds!

I loved seeing all the red and white outfits over the long weekend. As well as the standard red t-shirts, some fashionistas had embraced their patriotism in more unique and stylish ways. My favourite was the SG50 nail art I came across, down to the tiniest detail of the lionhead! As a relative newcomer to Singapore, it was inspiring to see people so passionate and full of pride!” – Jennifer McGeever, Fashion Writer

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