It’s okay to indulge in your favourite tipple once in a while – but don’t overdo it! © Cover Media

Red wine lovers are instantly recognisable thanks to their crimson-coloured mouths on a night out. You may be one of them, gulping a large glass after a stressful day at work. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a tipple, but you should make sure you’re enjoying it in the best possible way. See if any of these red wine mistakes apply to you.

You drink instead of exercise

Although the rich red liquid has been proven to protect your muscles and bones in a similar way to exercise, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should take up one or the other. In fact, you’d have to guzzle down around a gallon of red wine a day to get the same results as a gym session which would wreck havoc on your liver and overall wellbeing.

Get into a regular exercise schedule and feel your limbs get stronger and stronger, saving your favourite drink for special occasions.

Red before bed

You may drift off to sleep easily after a glass of red wine, as the alcohol lowers your core body temperature and releases hormones to ease you into the land of nod, but it won’t be for long. A past study by the National Institutes of Health found that those who drank before bed were rudely awakened after a few hours and left tossing and turning for ages before getting back to sleep. Why not relax with the drink a couple of hours before you hit the hay so you can feel the warm buzz without the downside of waking up in the early hours.

Drinking to help your skin

Red wine has been linked to firmer skin, with claims it can protect from sun damage too. That’s great if you have it in cream or body wash form, but drinking it doesn’t offer the same defence. In reality red wine can dehydrate you, which may leave you looking older. Too much will also cause liver damage, so don’t rely on it to keep you looking youthful. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet to reap the benefits.

You’re drinking too much

Preventing tooth decay, weightloss and good mental health; these are just some of the areas that red wine is said to aid. That’s if you stick to the recommended glass or two a day, or around several a week, but any more than that will have the opposite effect. Whereas a good dose will apparently extend your life and strengthen your heart, drinking too much could even raise the risk of heart disease. Don’t overdo it if you want to stay well. © Cover Media