Strangely enough, it seems like the adage of “birds of a feather flocking together” might just apply to your food preferences; or at least, that’s what these Foodpanda statistics would suggest.

4 most popular food delivery orders in Singapore

Sushi is among the top 4 favourite food delivery orders in Singapore. Image: Maridav/

Based food deliveries ordered online on Foodpanda between January to May 2015, the Foodpanda statistics show that fried chicken for instance, was particularly popular with Singaporeans who live in the West and the East.

Interestingly, folks living in Northern Singapore tend to prefer burgers when it comes to home deliveries. In just four months, orders for burgers have risen by as much as 197 per cent. Those who stay in the South of Singapore tend to prefer sushi. Would their seaside location have something to do with that? (We jest, of course.)

Have a look at the Foodpanda map below, to find out if your food delivery preference just so happens to concur with your neighbours.

4 most popular food delivery orders in Singapore

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