I’m sure most people will agree with me when I say that there’s just something different when you take your workout from the gym to the great outdoors. Nothing can replicate fresh air, a breeze and the grass beneath your feet.

The yoga community is right on board with the whole idea of working out outdoors because come October and November, a bunch of mass yoga events will be happening in pockets of nature all over Singapore.

Even if you are still working towards touching your toes, there is safety in numbers in a huge yoga class so you don’t have to worry being new to the sport. Plus, it’s not every day so many people get together – it’s going to be cool seeing hundreds of people doing the same pose.

When: 7am to 10am; Sunday, October 12, 2014
Where: Casuarina Grove (East Coast Park), Area F2
Fee: $29 (individual) and $49 (for two). Register on www.shape.com.sg/yoga

Feeling the sea breeze against your body while you work out is pretty neat. Join over 500 other enthusiasts to practice your poses by the sea at Shape’s annual yoga event. This year, instructors from Bikram Yoga Harbourfront will lead the class in a Bikram 90-minute session. Don’t forget to hang out after class for door gifts worth over $240, Aveda eye massages and more fun stuff!

#omtogether Singapore – Love From Above
When: 5pm to 7pm; Sunday, October 19, 2014
Where: Green Roof, Marina Barrage
For more information, go to sg.stretchcity.com/events/omtogether-singapore-love-from-above.

Be part of history when you join #omtogether Singapore – Love From Above as the event will be live streamed online on sg.stretchcity.com and mounted cameras will capture all the action from above in the sky, to make the largest “wefie”. Pure Yoga’s Hee Boon, Light and Space’s Lynn and Sumei are some of the instructors joining forces with Stretch City Singapore. Will Singaporeans be able to break the record of the 600 that took part in Hong Kong’s event in September 2014?

108 Yogathon
When: 4.30pm to 6.30pm; Saturday, November 29, 2014
Where: Fort Canning Park, Fort Gate
Fee: $45. Register on www.108yogathon.com

Yoga + marathon = yogathon. Those who scoff thinking yoga is “easy” will have to think again. Performing 108 Sun Salutations (a sequence of yoga poses) in one go is not easy feat and will test both your physical and mental endurance. Yoga instructor Saniya will put the 300-strong class through their paces. But don’t worry, like any marathon, you can always take a break and take in the fresh air.