It’s no secret that most working adults spend a good majority of their daily lives at the workplace, such as the office or home workspace. Fengshui expert Dato’ Joey Yap shares with us some methods of Classical Fengshui to make the space more conducive, in terms of generating good Qi or energy. 

Avoid sharp edges angled towards you

“A sharp edge can bring about a problem known as Edge Sha, which can cut through positive energy from being received by the working adult,” says Joey. “Ensure there are no sharp edges heading in from the outside, angled at a window near your seat or cubicle, particularly if the window is behind you.”

Know your favourible Facing Direction

A favourable Facing Direction is a guide for you to yield optimum energy, and can be obtained using individual Gua numbers. “Facing your favourable Facing Direction will help you maximise your own potential instead of relying on a more general fengshui approach,” says Joey.

Take note of annual and monthly stars

“The numbers within the boxes of a Flying Stars or Natal chart — a guide that fengshui experts use for their customers — are represented by annual and monthly stars. Observing each type will bring about varying effects,” says Joey, adding that these numbers are predetermined, and one would have to choose according to what they wish to achieve. 

Annual and monthly stars influence the Qi of your particular work space. Fengshui practicers can use the stars as a guide to knowing what needs to be minimised or capitalised. For example, knowing which star is active in the sector you’re sitting in will affect the things you do to maximise the energy present.

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