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Homeowners should know what type of ants are in their homes, to know what measures to take against them.

For example, some common ant species are the carpenter ants, ghost ants/sugar ants, crazy ants/speedo ants.

Carpenter ants are large ant species which measures from 4 to 17mm long, which prefer damp and moist areas. They emit a strong acid odour, and nests in trees, wood structures and areas with leaky pipes. They prefer wood softened by fungus, and are often associated with moisture problems.

Ghost/Sugar ants have pale and translucent bodies, and grow up to around1.5mm. They will nest in wall voids, between cabinets, walls and soil of potted plants. They need high moisture and can be often found trailing to water sources such as sinks and wash basins.

Crazy / Speedo ants are 2 to 3mm long. It has long and coarse hair and move erratically when disturbed. They prefer damp areas and consume all kinds of living and dead insects, sweet food and protein. It can be found nesting under potted plants.

So how do you prevent them from invading your home? Pest control company Rentokil suggests the following:

1. Fix any leaking pipes and taps, and keep structures dry to avoid providing ants sources of water

2. Fill any tiny cracks and crevices to prevent ants from crawling through to search for food

3. Clear away any leftover food and food crumbs found in kitchen, pantries or storage areas

*Information provided by Rentokill


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