Have you already started considering the many different sights to view and places to shop during the Christmas holiday this year? Seoul, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles — these are just a few of the places on my to-go list this year, but let’s face it  — air tickets are far from affordable these days, even more so during the holiday period.

Here’s some good news for all my fellow wanderlusts out there: the travel search engine kayak.sg has gathered some very useful data so that we can find out which countries and cities will be worth going to during the festive season.

According to kayak’s data, which is collected from the most searched destinations from January to July this year, Singaporeans love popular holiday destinations such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, London and Manila. However, these destinations will see a rise in air ticket prices come this December.

So, if you’re on a budget but still want to treat yourself to a year-end vacation, opt to visit one of these 3 places!

#1 New York

new york.jpg

Image: Kayak.sg

The Big Apple is first on our list! Although the average price difference is only at -1 per cent, you should totally take this opportunity (or excuse) to see the Statue Of Liberty ‘in person’ instead of on the small screen. You’ll also be able to do plenty of shopping while you’re there!

#2 Paris


Image: Kayak.sg

Why not celebrate Christmas this year in the city of lights? Watch as the Eiffel tower lights up during nightfall and treat yourself to a sight you’ll never want to forget. So romantic, right? It’ll be the perfect place for an indulgent vacation with your loved ones. We’ll let you in on some good news too: airfares will be at a -18 per cent price difference!

#3 Seoul


Image: Kayak.sg

Ah, Seoul, home to our favourite makeup and skincare brands, celebs and even fashion brands. The airfares to Seoul, like New York, are only at a -1 per cent difference, but I’m pretty sure many of us would still want to head down to this bustling city even if the fares were not lowered. Visit popular places such as Lotte World, N Seoul Tower and the National Museum while you’re there and have a ball of a time!

Other destinations you might want to consider also include Sapporo, Frankfurt and Bangkok as the airfares to these cities will not rise much. If you’re planning to head to Auckland or Taipei on the other hand, you’ll have to have a more flexible budget as the air ticket difference rises by 50 per cent and 37 per cent respectively.

If you want to compare the prices for hotels, flights, cars and more, you can visit the Kayak website or download the Kayak app on your phone.

Percentage change in prices of festive airfares are compared to the average price of airfares throughout the year.

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