One of Singapore’s top watch magazines 24:7, has created a fabulous exhibition of illustrations based on the concept of watches’ dials, the “expression of its innermost nature”, called Faces of Beauty by Singapore artist Kuanth.

What makes this exhibition unique is that the same spread depicting these fabulous watches in the August 2012 issue of 24:7 is made to come to life in the ION Orchard Atrium thanks to some clever digital imaging, where the watches and the accompanying visuals from the artist have been animated to flash across digital screens.

24-7 Faces of Beauty art exhibition DECOR

Singapore’s first English language watch magazine, 24:7 is a fashion-focused guide to the latest news and information about top watch brands, cutting-edge design and the best buys as well as providing expert insights and useful know-how from world-renowned horological experts. It’s available twice a year at good book stores.

This year the magazine has organised an art exhibition in collaboration with ION Orchard to celebrate the beauty of timepieces. Faces of Beauty features the artwork of renowned illustrator Kuanth who has not only created stunning graphics for brands like American Express, Heineken, Singapore Airlines and Coca-Cola, but is also known for his collage-based artwork that has been showcased in a number of major exhibitions.

For Faces of Beauty, Kuanth has created pieces that represent 12 internationally revered watch brands that are known not only for their technical prowess, but also for their dedication to creating what are basically useful works of art.

The concept behind the exhibitions is based on wanting to emphasis the incredible amount of work and thought that goes into creating this mechanical wonders. “The imagination that goes into each exquisite dial is unrivalled and craft is piled upon craft, from enamelling of various kinds to engraving, gem-setting to mother-of-pearl carving,” says editor of 24:7, Karen Kwa, about the reason for the exhibition.

If you love beautiful things – whether art or accessories – you’ll love the amazing artworks that have been created especially for 24:7’s Faces of Beauty exhibition so don’t miss it; the exhibition is only running until September 2, 2012, so pop into the ION Orchard Atrium on Level 1, soon before it disappears; like time itself.

24:7’s Face of Beauty exhibition is being held at ION Orchard Atrium, Level 1, until September 2, 2012. 24:7 is a bi-annual magazine dedicated to horology and is available from good book stores. For more information about 24:7, go to For more information about Kuanth, go to For more information about the 24:7 and ION Orchard collaboration, go to