Imagine running to the toilet in a rush after holding your pee in during a very long meeting, with your very trusty iPhone in hand. As you get to the toilet, you place your phone on the ledge behind the bowl almost too quickly, and before you know it – “plop” and it falls right on target into the bowl.

Well, that was exactly what happened to me with the only saving grace being the fact that it was before I had started peeing.


The next 24 hours (ok not really, it has only been 18 hours, but it sure feels like 36 or more) were, to a smartphone addict, sheer horror.

As someone who used to pride myself for thinking that I could survive without my phone for at least a day or two(obviously not very introspective here) and that I’m not as reliant on my phone as some of my friends and colleagues, I was definitely proven wrong in the last 18 hours.

After my phone committed hara-kiri and refused to be switched on, I was stunned into silence, but foolishly thought that it wasn’t a big deal.

Not until I realised I needed to meet my friends for dinner and had no way of telling them I was going to be late for dinner. Thankfully, my office computer was still on and the only way I could reach them was by dropping them a Facebook message, praying and hoping that someone would check it.

After giving myself a pat on my back for thinking so, I realised, that my iPhone doubled up as my GPS when I drive (with the new awesome Google Maps app), and without it, I really had no chance in making it to this new hole in the wall place that they discovered.

I decided to take the chance, winged it and drove towards the general direction, only to find myself parking almost two streets away and having lost all bearings in the midst of getting a lot. So with no Google Maps, I literally had to go up to someone just to ask for directions … how 1998 of me!

Well, I did make it to dinner in one piece, but no one – and I allude to my many Instagram bosom buddies – knew about the mouthwatering woodfire Cajun Chicken pizza that I devoured . Neither could I show my friends at the table the latest 9Gag meme that left me in stitches.

And with no access to Whatsapp, I was possibly left out of at least 15 group chats where my various groups of friends were busy making plans for drinks, discussing their latest shopping buy or moaning about the latest twist in our favourite TV shows.

I smell the end of my social life in the air.

Even while feeling emo and wallowing in self-stupidity, I could not tweet about this emotional roller-coaster I was going through.

I miss my phone.


So now, as my poor phone is having a grand ol’ time in its customised rice spa, I am this close to purchasing my next iPhone, just in case the current one decides to never wake from its slumber.

It’s a painful painful time for me, and I hope you guys will never take your phones for granted, treating them with the TLC that they deserve before they bid you adieu prematurely.

Did you ever lose your phone or have it die on you? Did you go through the same trials and tribulations as me? Did you miss it as much as I did? I would love to find out how you coped with it, so do sound off in the comments below!