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Trust me, you deserve a break (or two) from the office humdrum. Here’s some good news: 2019 is going to be a year of long weekend breaks. Three public holidays fall on Sunday so that means the following Monday will be a public holiday. We plotted out the best days to take your leave so start applying now.


Jan 1

New Year’s Day

Take leave on: Dec 31 (Monday)

It’s gonna be a long weekend starting from Dec 29 (Saturday).


Feb 5 – 6 

Chinese New Year

Take leave on: Feb 4 (Monday)

With a total of five days off including the weekends, you’ll even be able to squeeze in a little road trip across the border amidst the festivities.


Apr 19

Good Friday

Take leave on: Apr 18 (Thursday) or Apr 22 (Monday)

Or take both days off, it’s really up to you.


May 1

Labour Day

Take leave on: May 2 (Thursday)

There’s honestly no harm in extending your mid-week break.


May 20

Vesak Day

Take leave on: May 17 (Friday)

Long weekends FTW y’all. Maybe try out a new brunch spot?


Jun 5

Hari Raya Puasa

Take leave on: Jun 6 (Thursday)

I always feel better taking leave in the later half of the week, shortens the dreariness.


Aug 9

National Day

Take leave on: Aug 8 (Thursday)

So this is the plan, if you take leave then, Hari Raya Haji is right round the corner (Aug 12). You get three days off with one leave. Bonus.


Oct 28


Take leave on: Oct 29 (Tuesday)

Your week is shorter with the Tuesday off and, it’s the end of the month. Partying on a Monday night sounds about right.


Dec 25


Take leave on: Dec 26 – 27 

It’s turkey and presents day (week, I mean). 

11 days in total – I already did the math. You probably still have three to four days of leave left, you’re welcome.