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HPB started the Healthier Dining Programme with 18 restaurant chains, food court chains, caterers and quick service providers, which cover about 700 outlets and stalls islandwide.  

The programme is an expansion on an earlier restaurant scheme, which required restaurants to provide healthier options – for instance, dishes with less salt and oil, as well as a scheme which encouraged hawkers to use healthier ingredients.

The new programme targets chain eateries and caterers to increase the accessibility to healthier food. One key focus is the provision of 500-calorie meals.

To qualify, restaurants have to provide at least three dishes with a lower-calorie content of 500 calories or below, offer whole grain items, use healthier cooking oil, increase the presence of fruit and vegetables, serve sauces on the side where possible, and serve free plain water to promote healthier beverages.

For food courts, such as Kopitiam and NTUC Foodfare, new and renewing tenants have to offer at least one 500-calorie meal option, while the drinks stall has to offer options which are lower in sugar content.


Currently, there are 20 establishments on the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining Programme.

Their menus have been made healthier, so you can find meals which are 500 calories or under, healthier beverages and even nutritious options, such as brown rice or whole grain bread.

They are:

1. Char Grill Bar

2. Dian Xiao Er

3. Fish & Co

4. Formosa Delights

5. Jack’s Place

6. Kopitiam

7. Loving Hut

8. McDonald’s

9. NTUC Foodfare

10. Preparrazi

11. Quiznos Sub

12. Saybons

13. Smoothie King

14. Sodexo

15. Soup Restaurant

16. Subway

17. Swensen’s

18. The Wok People

19. Dosirak

20. QQ Rice

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