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Step by step, let us help you fulfill your goal of turning into a home baking goddess by introducing you to some of the tools and equipment which you will need!

P.S.: You’ll need to get your own supplies of sugar, spice and everything nice*. And this is presuming that you already own an oven at home too.

*flour, eggs, sugar and other required baking ingredients.


1. Kitchen scale

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The essential first step to attaining the perfect baked cake/bread/cookies is to get accurate measurements of the ingredients needed! While baking is not rocket science, you’ll still need to adhere to recipes as much as possible.


2. Sieve 

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Next, sift flour to ensure there’ll be no uneven flour blobs getting in the way of achieving a smooth cake batter or dough. And we’ll be moving onto…


3. Mixing bowl

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This is needed for the very important task of containing your various ingredients before you can begin mixing/folding/combing them into a consistent batter or dough.


4. Measuring spoons

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Not only is a set of measuring spoons used for cooking but also baking. You’ll need to know just how much exactly one teaspoon of vanilla essence or cinnamon is, before you can add it into your batter.


5. Electric mixer

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Really, who has the time or energy to beat flour and eggs into an even mixture by hand? Save yourself the hassle (and possibly, sore arm muscles) by utilising this electric mixer!


6. Spatula

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Don’t waste any of your precious batter! Scrap and get every last bit of it using a spatula. Plus, with a spatula this chic, who wouldn’t wanna use it?


7. Rolling pin

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Be it bread or cookies that you’ll be baking, you’ll definitely need a rolling pin to flatten your dough after kneading it!


8. Loaf pan

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Now, you can finally transfer your batter into a cake/bread loaf tin before putting it in the oven to let the baking begin~


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9. Cupcake liners

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Muffins don’t have to be boring! Not if they’re lined with these bright, cheery, colourful cupcake liners.


10. Cupcake tin

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Alternatively, use cupcake liners and a cupcake tin if you intend to bake cupcakes.


11. Oven mitts


With this adorable oven mitt, you will definitely want to always wear it to safely retrieve your tray of baked goods once the oven timer goes off.


12. Cooling rack

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Remember to give your baked goods some time to cool off by placing them on a cooling rack.


13. Piping bag & piping nozzle

Get your groove on and pipe your cupcakes a funky combination of colours with this triple piping nozzle.


14. Cake stand


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Ahhhhh yes and now, it’s time for you to proudly display your cake, placed on an equally pretty cake stand no less.


15. Cake box

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Whether you’re intending to bring your baked goods to distribute to your colleagues at work or to a potluck gathering, use this handy box to contain them.


For more advanced bakers, consider getting these tools:

Mooncake mould

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Mid-autumn festival may still be a good five months’ time away but there’s no stopping you from practising making perfectly-shaped mooncakes.



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For those times when you’re feeling more adventurous and would like to explore a wider range of recipes such as lemon zest or orange peel butter cake, this grater will come in handy!

This story was originally published on, April 12, 2017.

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