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We’ve had our fill of mille crepe cakes, macarons and matcha-flavoured sweets; so what’s next, when it comes to the “trending” sweet treat?

If Singapore brand Poppy & Co. has got it right, you may just be eating your fill of Speculoos cookie butter cakes and ice-cream.

cookie butter things.jpg

The tantalising array of cookie butter treats at the Poppy & Co. launch. Image: herworldPLUS

What’s that you say? Think a buttery smooth and nutty paste, made of caramelised crushed cookies and mixed with oil to resemble your favourite nutty spread. A special type of cookie is used for this particular spread. Called “Speculoos”, this festive cookie is a thin, crunchy shortcrust spiced biscuit, commonly made to celebrate St Nicholas Day in Belgium and Netherlands.

The Singapore brand is the sole distributor of the cookie butter spread here at the moment, and it has been used not only by aspiring home cooks; popular local bakeries like Fluff Bakery, Twelve Cupcakes have been using the butter too on their baked treats.

Like with peanut butter, cookie butter too comes with a chunkier variation to give you that extra crunch to bite into. It is also halal-certified, so you can happily share these with all your friends and colleagues too.

In case you’re too lazy to try baking like quite a few foodies we know your own cookie butter treats, be sure to check out these out for these nutty, creamy desserts:

1. Poppy & Co.
Try: Speculoos Cookie Butter, $14

This spread goes as well on bread as on cakes and other sweet treats, so you really have little reason not to give it a try. You can also mix it into your drink, or guiltily have it on its own for that greedy sweet-tooth moment.

Speculoos cookie butter.jpg

Image: Poppy & Co.

I’ll daresay the owner, Jacqueline Koay is quite an accomplished baker herself too. I had sampled some of her chocolates that she’d made with cookie butter, which were so melt-in-your-mouth, what with the smooth, fudgy praline centre. Unfortunately, these are only available from time to time (like at the Naiise pop-up store in August 2014), so be sure to keep an eye out for it!
Where: Shop for the Speculoos cookie butter spread at these locations, or online at and

2. Cupplets
Try: Speculoos Cookie Butter Tart, $4.50

I’ve been a fan of this cafe bakery’s tart selection, ever since I had more than a few nibbles at a Public Garden flea market. I love the crumbly tart shell that just melts in your mouth and the buttery smooth filling. And this cookie butter flavour is no exception.

Cupplets tarts.jpgImage: Cupplets

It’s made with cookie butter (of course), Swiss meringue butter cream that comes with a touch of cinnamon and espresso shot. To sweeten the deal, there’s also a sprinkling of cookie crumble on top too. This tart however, is one of a few rotating daily flavours, so be sure to check the Cupplets Facebook or Instagram page to find out if it’s available for the day.
Where: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 535 Clementi Road, Blk 16, #01-03, Singapore 599489. Go to for more information.

3. Fluff Bakery
Try: Speculoos cookie butter liquid cheesecake pretzel crumbs cupcake, $4

This halal bakery is so popular that you practically have to stalk the store (or its Facebook page) to get a taste of their cakes and cupcakes. Plus, they serve as many as six types of cookie butter treats.

Speculoos liquid cheesecake pretzel crumbs cupcake.jpg

Image: Fluff Bakery

I finished every bit of this above mentioned treat, even with my personal aversion to cheesecake. The result was buttery smooth but not cloyingly rich so that you may even reach out for yet another. What I would love to try next: Its new crunchy explosive Speculoos Mousse Cake, which retails at $8 a slice. Please do share if it’s worth the calories, if you’re lucky enough to get a slice or two?
Where: 12 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199079. Go to the Fluff Bakery Facebook page for more information.

4. Spatula Bakery
Try: Ridiculoos Spectaculoos Cake, $8 per slice

Spatula bakery cake.jpgImage: Spatula Bakery

This three-layer cake is really a must-try: It’s also said to be the bakery’s best-selling cake since it went on sale from early July. Each layer is laced with vanilla whipped cream as well as chunky cookie butter and coated on top with Speculoos cookie butter glaze.
Where: 87 Frankel Avenue. Go to for more information.

5. Twelve Cupcakes
Try: Chocolate gingersnaps cupcake, $3.70

twelve cupcakes.jpg

Image: Twelve Cupcakes

This bakery chain is as known for its moist and fluffy cupcakes, as well as its ever-changing flavours too. On of the latest on its list is the chocolate gingersnaps, which features cookie butter mixed into its smooth chocolat ganache icing and topped with varlhona chocolate pearls on top of its chocolate cupcake. This flavour will be served only on Thursdays in September 2014, so be sure to keep those dates in mind when you’re craving for that cupcake fix.
Where: View the full list of store locations online at

6. Little Wimbly Lu
Try: Speculoos cookie butter ice-cream, $4.50

Wimbly Lu.jpg

Image: Wimbly Lu

It’s not easy to get a coveted table at the ever-crowded Wimbly Lu cafe at Jalan Riang; I’m still trying to find an occasion to actually make the trip (and deal with the queueing). You can however, try your luck at the newly-opened Little Wimbly Lu, a smaller second outpost of this local chocolatier which is as known for its crispy, fluffy waffles too. So yes, do try this new ice-cream flavour with the waffles, for what better to have on another hot sunny day here right?
Where: My Village @ Serangoon Gardens, 1 Maju Avenue, #01-09/10. Go to for more information.

7. Bloomsbury Bakers
Try: Speculoos Apple Crumble Tart, $7

Bloomsbury Bakers SpecAppleCrumble.jpg

Image: Bloomsbury Bakers

For sweet fiends who prefer a chunkier fruit tart, this will be your preferred pick. Chunks of apple have been specially caramelised with the Speculoos cookie butter and added to a bed of almond cream, walnut chunks onto a crumbly tart shell. Then the same butter is drizzled generously on top, for that indulgently sticky, nutty-sweet treat.
Where: Blk 30, Bendemeer Road, Singapore 330030. Go to for more information.

8. Joys Baking & Co
Try: Speculoos Crumb Macaron, $2.20 each for a box of 6

Joy baking and co Macaron.jpg

Image: Joys Baking & Co.

I don’t know about you, but I still do indulge in the occasional macaron or two (even after that initial Laduree mania). The more savoury flavours tend to leave a more lasting impression, thanks to that sweet-salty mix that I love to savour. It’s why the salted caramel flavour was such a hit and that same applies to this cookie butter macaron too. The said butter is mixed with Italian meringue buttercream and sprinkled with cookie crumbs for an added crunch.
Where: Blk 44, Owen Road, #01-315, Singapore 210044. Go to for more information.

9. Once Upon a Milkshake
Try: Cookie butter milkshake, from $4 for a mini shake

Once upon a milkshake.jpg

Image: Once Upon a Milkshake

I do love a good ice cream shake and this local brand is one of my favourite go-to spots when that craving kicks in. Relive those childhood days with a blend of homemade ice-cream, low fat milk and that crunchy cookie butter paste and powder. If you’ve ever loved having cookies and cream ice-cream, you do need to try this.
Where: 32 Maxwell Road #01-08 and Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-51. Go to for more information.

10. Once Upon a Rosti
Try: Cookie Butter Rosti, $4

The same folks behind Once Upon a Milkshake have latched onto specialising in one single dish — rosti — for its newest store. The shredded pan-fried potato gets topped with cookie butter for this particular dish and it’s surprisingly winning and viable combination. Is it the pan-fried crisp, the savoury nutty-ness of this dish that makes it work? Who knows; you just need to try it for yourself to find out.
Where: 8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower, #B1-15. Go to for more information.

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