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It’s no fun when you run out of alcohol halfway through your shindig, but if it should happen, we’ve got a few places to recommend! We’ve compared the price of a bottle of Grey Goose from each site for a look at the price point, but it should be noted that while a bottle of vodka may be cheapest on one site, other types of booze may be more expensive. So you should always shop around before settling on one delivery service, depending on what you’re looking to buy.


#1 Alcohol Delivery SG

This site seems to pretty affordable, and has the most comprehensive selection of alcohol out of the lot, so if you want variety at a lower price, this is your best bet. They even stock sake, soju, and international beers! The delivery is free if your order is over $50, which isn’t hard to hit if you’re ordering spirits, and they deliver within the hour as long as you place your order between 12pm and 10.30pm (deliveries outside of that time window will require an order placed at least 24 hours in advance). Their white wines, beers and champagnes are served chilled so you don’t have to worry about having to chill them yourself. If your party is on a public holiday though, there will be a surcharge of 10 percent on the total bill. Oh, and if you have no cups, ice, cocktail mixing tools or snacks, they sell those things too!

Free delivery for all orders above $50. Visit to order or call 9-CHILLED (9244 5533). For cross comparison, a 750ml bottle of Grey Goose is $96. 1 hour delivery between 12 to 10.30pm.


#2 Mabuk Monkey

Their drinks are affordable (they have the second most affordable vodka of the lot by comparison), but the range of options is limited. So if Mabuk Monkey has everything you’re looking to order for your party, then it’s likely to be your best bet. They also deliver large quantities of ice ($8 for 8kg) and cooler boxes though those need to be ordered a day in advance. Like Alcohol Delivery SG, all orders above $50 qualify for free delivery, and the white wines and beers arrive nice and chilled. Their 1 hour delivery services run from 6pm to midnight except on Mondays when they are closed.

Visit to see the menu and call 6294 1714 to order. For cross comparison, a 750ml bottle of Grey Goose is $90. 1 hour delivery between 6pm to midnight.


#3 Ring to Drink

When it comes to individual bottle purchases, Ring to Drink might be a tad pricier than the rest. That said, they’ve got great party bundles that let you save money. The only problem right now? Lots of them are sold out! They still have a few options to choose from, and bundles like a Gin & Tonic set that includes ice, cups, tonic water, a 1L Bombay Sapphire and Lays chips for $135. In fact, place an order and they’ll throw in a free 2.5kg bag of ice! Delivery is also free, but you should have enough cash on hand to settle your bill.

Visit to see the menu and place your orders. For cross comparison, a 1 litre bottle of Grey Goose is $195 (they don’t really sell 750ml options of most of their spirits). 1 hour delivery between 6am and 12am, Monday to Sunday, subject to availability. You can place advance orders (at least 6 hours in advance) between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.


#4 Cellarbration

The site is having a sort of Christmas sale at the moment, so there are some significant discounts worth looking at (a bottle of Ciroc vodka is now $55 down from $115). They’ve got a pretty big selection of alcohol like scotch whisky, as well as unusual flavoured tonic waters and affordable wine “sets” for anyone who doesn’t want to have to decide what booze to get. For example if you choose the Festive Sparkling Package ($138), you get six bottles of sparkling wine, three of which are Rose. There is a delivery charge of $8 for orders below $98.

Visit to see the menu, and call the hotline 6222 9191 for orders if you would like delivery within an hour or on the same day. For cross comparison, a 750ml bottle of Grey Goose is $88


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