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Let’s be honest: Not much ever gets done on Fridays. In between meetings that could have been an e-mail and 2pm beer pong competitions, Fridays have gained an unfortunate reputation for being lazy stop-gaps to the weekend. 

After four days filled with meetings, deadlines and (work) fires to fight, it’s no surprise that we tend to run out of steam by the end of the week, especially if Friday is still a designated WFH day at your company. 

But what if it could actually be the most productive day of your week? That’s what the folks at Google and Slack have noticed since implementing #focusfridays, which essentially advocates clearing your work for the day with no disruptions. Since implementing #focusfridays, 84 per cent of  Slack employees reported an increase in productivity.

This means implementing a no-meeting rule (except for emergencies) on Fridays, and using that time to focus on the one task that requires your utmost attention. This gives you the mental space to strategise a new initiative, or focus on a deep thinking task with no distractions. 

Research has found that people who are regularly interrupted at work report higher instances of stress and frustration, which means that a day with zero interruptions could almost be a salve for your mental health. So what are you waiting for? Switch on the “do not disturb” mode, set your calendar to “busy”, and get cracking – until 6pm, that is.