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spending less money

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Like Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso said, money looks better in the bank than on your feet. But managing your money is easier said than done, especially if you’re a card-carrying member of shopaholics anonymous. Here are six simple things to start doing if you want to spend less money.


1. Pay off all credit card bills on time

pay credit card bills

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Because credit card interests are a thing, you will end up paying so much more for your items if you don’t pay off your credit card bills in full, and on time.

Besides, you really shouldn’t be spending money that you don’t have! Keep checking your unbilled transactions to make sure that you haven’t busted your budget.




2. Pause before making a purchase

window shopping

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Do you need that post-lunch Gong Cha? Do you need that off-shoulder top from H&M? Do you need to Grab home from work today?

Be a bit more mindful of how you’re spending your cash, and don’t make the purchase immediately. Walk away for a bit if you can.


3. Try not to pay full retail price for shopping

shopping sale

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Patience is key. If you don’t need something urgently, wait for it to go on discount!

Also, sometimes all it takes is a bit of Googling to find discount codes.


4. Pay with cash

paying with cash

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Yes, cashless payments are very convenient, and sometimes they come with very attractive rewards. But if you’re having trouble spending within your means, then you need to keep an eye on just how much money you have.

Switching back to cash will make it easier for you to stick to a budget.


5. Start saving

start saving

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We cannot emphasise how important it is to seriously start on a savings plan. Sometimes life throws you a curveball (i.e., accidents, medical emergencies, retrenchment) and when that happens, you don’t want to be caught without any spare cash.

It can be as simple as putting the money in another account the minute your salary is credited in. Treat it as another bill you have to pay and you’ll be amazed at how much you’d have saved at the end of the year.


6. Take care of yourself

live well

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Taking care of your health can be help prevent costly medical bills. For instance, we know that we should visit the dentist for check-ups twice a year (where you’d usually get your teeth cleaned).

That would cost you less than $200 a year. If you neglect your dental health and end up needing a root canal, that can set you back by $350 to $800. 

It’s just simple math, really. So eat healthy, exercise regularly, and go for all the check-ups that you’re supposed to go for!

This article was originally published in CLEO.