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Did you know that women outperform men when it comes to investment returns? According to a 10-year study by international financial consultant firm Fidelity, they make 0.4% more on average than their male counterparts.

Still, some women are hesitant to take that first step: They believe that they lack the financial knowledge to dip their toes in the water. When Her World conducted the What Women Want Financial Literacy survey in 2023, the results showed that more than 50% of respondents stated that their financial knowledge was poor to average.

But as the adage goes, Rome was not built in a day. Taking baby steps can sometimes be all the push we need to help us build our financial knowledge and confidence.

In this series, we speak to savvy women on how they invested their first $1,000, and lessons learnt along the way. Here, we ask Elise Tan, the 37-year-old director of communications and community at Vertex Ventures SE Asia and India, a venture capital firm

What did you do with your first $1,000 investment?

My first investment was Capitaland shares. I wanted to make my money work harder for me. The fear is often that of losing money. I figured that if I diversify my investments, have a balanced risk profile (I usually invest in blue chips), and read up often on the instruments I have invested in, my returns would work out well.

Elise Tan

How did it perform for you?

Capitaland stocks turned out to be a good investment because it gave good dividends and appreciated in stock price over the years. I also feel very fortunate that I picked the right ones because it boosted my confidence to invest more of my money.

What did you learn from that investment?

I have learnt to invest in instruments and companies that I have some awareness of, and am able to appreciate where the growth opportunities would be coming from. I have made bad bets and thus, learnt to diversify my investments. It also pays to review my portfolio every few months so that I can sell the shares that don’t do well.