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Job hunting is just as hard as finding a husband (or boyfriend). Even worse, the anxiety and stigma that comes with being unemployed can make you feel more insecure than your friend’s newly announced wedding plans.

Instead of hovering above your keyboard and fixing your eyes on the screen, here’s our method to working your way around the unemployed life:


Be proudly funemployed

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Although it’s no fun to be seen as someone who doesn’t work, you need to embrace the freedom of having free time. If you can wake up at 10 am everyday and not have to worry about phone calls from your boss, why can’t you embrace this as a moment of true happiness? After all, you can always take your time to go to the National Gallery Singapore or watch a movie.


Find a new hobby

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Are you a shopaholic who dreams of creating a clothing line? Within a millimeter of tapping on your screen, you can always google a sewing class nearby you. It never hurts to pick up a new hobby as you will have the perfect downtime to learn how to sew. As you fall in love with your newfound interest, create an Instagram account for it.


Create your own side job

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Finding a real job is already challenging, but when you create your own part-time job, it’s actually really easy! If you have some things you’ve never worn or used, you can easily create a Carousell account in less than a minute. If you make the time to put up as many listings as possible, who knows if you can make more money than you think?



Get out and about

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Being stuck at home day in, day out can cause a lot of that stress and frustration when you’re job hunting. Make sure you head out, even if it’s just to your local park or to your favourite cafe. If you feel like going on a stroll, you can always marvel at the nightly light show at the Gardens By The Bay. Or, if you feel like going on a little adrenaline rush without splurging hundreds, you can go to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, which has free entry! Also, you should not forget to call your parents, bring your kids (if they have any) and text your siblings.


Start working on the body you want

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Before you make plans for a new job interview, you can take 30 minutes to an hour of your time to work out three to five times a week. If you have a swimming pool in your condo, go for a dip! But if you have a gym, take advantage of all the equipment there. However, if you have no gym and pool, you can pop in some fitness videos from YouTube and get in shape without any equipment.


Start a diary

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If you happen to have an empty notebook hanging in your shelf, channel your inner Bridget Jones and chronicle every significant event in your life, or just document your thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis. If you are someone who tends to overthink, use this opportunity to release all your inner thoughts.


Get to know yourself again

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Sometimes, a previous job you held feels like it’s been a part of your life. At times, it felt like that job was where you found yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally. By getting to know yourself again, perhaps it’s the time when you re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Draw a flowchart to see what you are good at and what you need to work on. Set new goals on how you can improve your skills. You have all this precious time to think backwards on how you can achieve your new strengths!