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how to be more confident at work success singapore

Singapore office culture can be tricky to navigate if you lack certain social skills or are simply new to the environment. Something that is going to help you feel better about yourself and in turn boost your performance at work, is upping your confidence levels. There are a number of ways to do it, but these six confidence-boosting tips are a great place to start.

#1 Socialise, but don’t get caught up

It’s not uncommon to end up in office environments that have conflict or politics, but you shouldn’t let that deter you from talking to colleagues and getting to know the people around you. Keeping quiet or being shy isn’t going to give anyone the impression that you’re confident, and it’s going to make it harder for you to ask for help or support if you end up needing it (you will).

Keep conversations light and stay away from any gossip or office politics if you prefer to keep your work life drama-free. Allowing your colleagues to get to know you will result in you feeling more confident about working with them. Besides, it’s always good to have supportive colleagues (and allies) in your corner when the going gets tough. Think of it as an opportunity to hone your conversational skills.


#2 Play to your strengths

Whether you’re starting a new job or looking to make a positive change with your current one, you need to assess your abilities. Figuring out your strengths will allow you to perform at your best, take on new challenges, and grow those strengths even more. It can be anything from being good at project management, your attention to detail, your ability to analyse a situation, or your creativity. When you play to your strengths, your passion comes through more and you also increase your value to your team and bosses.

#3 Work on your weaknesses

The sooner you accept that you have weaknesses, the sooner you can work on improving them. One of the easiest ways to work on this is seeking out constructive criticism and taking it well. Don’t dwell on your shortcomings, but take courses or workshops to build up certain skills you may be lacking. Taking the initiative to further your career and your employability is the best thing you can do for yourself, especially in a more competitive and tough job market.

#4 Make the effort to keep well-groomed

While appearances aren’t everything, they do make a difference in how you’re perceived in the workplace. We know that women who dress well and bother with makeup tend to leave a more positive impression on bosses which results in a higher chance of getting promoted. In other words, it pays to dress for success.

It also stands to reason that looking good results in you feeling good and more confident, so even if you don’t believe in looking good for someone else, do it for yourself. If you’re simply unsure about how to dress to impress or apply makeup, we’ve got plenty of tips for you on to get you started.

#5 Keep track of your work

Tracking your progress and accomplishments is key to staying organised and moving towards any career goals you may have. Short-term, daily to-do lists allow you to allocate your focus appropriately in order to get everything done in the most efficient way. Long-term, you also want to keep track of projects you’re particularly proud of in order to amass a personal portfolio. If you stay in a job long enough, the amount of work you’ve completed and your accomplishments can all begin to blur together. It can get to the point where you have a hard time remembering particularly outstanding things you’ve done. A career journal or email account that allows you to track your progress and send yourself any necessary documents could be a solution.

#6 Exude positivity

This applies to everything from your work ethic to the way you deal with mistakes and failure, whether it concerns you, higher-ups, or subordinates. Understanding that everyone is imperfect and makes mistakes will help you react better to tough situations at work, and will give you more tenacity to push through any mistakes you might make. The ability to turn a bad situation into something positive is no small feat, and learning how to do that will make your work life an infinitely more rewarding experience.


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