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If you’re looking to bring more luck to your work life this new year, perhaps it’s time to look at your desk and see how feng shui can help improve it. Here are 7 desk items to have on your office desk for better luck this year.

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1. A Plant

What It Means: Different plants have different meanings but in general, plants represent and symbolise growth. Hence, having them on your office desk means you’re growing at work and progressing well.

What Plants Are Great: Jade plant, silver crown, money plant. 


2. Mirrors

What It Means: Mirrors are said to reflect chi energy throughout the area and encourages introspection. Feng shui experts believe that if you’re sitting with your back facing your office door, make it a point to use a mirror to reflect chi back into your office and most importantly, to you. 


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3. Crystals Or Stones

What It Means: Crystals are said to be able to absorb bad energy and purify the environment they’re in. 
What Crystals Are Great: Clear quartz, rose quartz and jade. 


4. Water

What It Means: Water symbolises balance, flowing energy and wealth. Don’t have space for a water fixture in your office? Get a painting or photo of a large body of water such as a river or a waterfall to symbolise that flow of energy and creativity. 


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5. Lamps

What It Means: Lamps or light fixtures energises your name and improves your reputation too. Light can also be a source of creativity so you’re never dry on inspiration. 


6. Wood

What It Means: Wooden items symbolise creativity, strength, growth and brings luck in money. It’s best to put photos of your family members in wooden photo frames to help maintain and establish a good and solid relationship with them. 


7. Silver

What It Means: Having bits of silver in your work space can symbolise and attract intellectual earning and mental power. It can also attract vision, clarity and insight. 

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