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Every four years, the biggest football event in the world comes around, and Singaporeans’ (mostly male) body clocks turn upside down in a bid to catch the matches screened live in time zones diametrically different from ours.

This year is no different. The 2018 World Cup will be hosted in Russia, so — unless you’re a football fan yourself — chances are you’ll be seeing a lot less of your husbands and boyfriends in the evenings starting this Thursday (June 14). Unless, of course, being the doting, ever-supportive partner to your soccer-mad other half, you’re planning to accompany him on match nights, in which case, this survival kit is for you.

Whether you plan to indulge him in his late night binges at home (we’ll give you the delivery companies to know), or at food outlets with live screenings (we’ll suggest some of our favourite places), here’s what you’ll need to know.


1. The must-know delivery companies

The matches will be held in Russia (with the earliest match starting at 6pm in Singapore time) — which means finding food to be delivered during this period may be tough.

While Deliveroo and Food Panda are obvious choices, do remember soccer widows all over the island are probably having the exact same brilliant take-out ideas as you. Hence, do expect longer delivery times, higher chances of botched orders, and cancellations. So while others zig, you should zag — here are some of the lesser-known (but great!) take-out delivery companies you need to bookmark right now:




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For those who are looking for last minute late night orders, opt for Porterfetch. They are prepped ahead for the World Cup season, with a direct link that is filled with food joints that would open till late.

Craving for Mongkok Dim Sum or Mun Chee Kee King of Pig’s Organ Soup in the middle of the night during a match? You can easily get them delivered with just a simple click.

Porterfetch,, Instagram @porterfetch




Kemono Best Roast Chicken Delivery

TV dinners with your significant other does not mean you’ll have to go for processed fast food. If your man likes thighs and breasts — and we mean chicken — Kemono delivers them organic, freshly roasted and Japanese, right up till midnight.

The chicken skin is roasted to a nice paper-thin consistency (with no visible fat) and the organic meat itself is so succulent and tasty that you may not even need the various condiments – which includes curry mayo, and teriyaki pineapple — that comes with it. Its menu also includes cold pressed juices (for detox, sleeping better and yes, even fertility), delectable meat (even wagyu) pies as well as gluten-free chocolate brownies.

Kemono Best Roast Chicken Delivery,, Instagram @kemonochicken


Ye Yeah Delights


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This delivery company operates with the motto: “Helping busy people eat well” — well, if catching all these matches is a serious, busy business, then this option needs to be seriously considered.

While the varieties of dishes (included are options such as Chili Lime Shrimp Bowl, Vietnamese Chicken Chops and Coconut Satay Chicken Noodle Bowl) will warm your tummies, what really warmed our hearts is their charitable stance: With every meal plan you buy, Ye Yeah Delights will donate a meal to beneficiaries of the Children’s Aid Society. The only catch? You gotta order a week in advance.

Ye Yeah Delights,, Instagram @yeyeahdelights


Healthy snack food options

Do note that some matches are screened way past dinner-time, so besides dinner options, you have to plan ahead for late night options. Are you thinking supper? He says yes, but you should say no — albeit very nicely.

When he’s already sleeping late, guzzling beer (and sugared drinks), wolfing down dinner mindlessly, at the very least he should still be eating healthy at this late hour. Cue in some healthy snack delivery services:



Renew offers a range of healthy artisanal snacks like granola, almonds and pecans. We will recommend the Briyani flavour, which consists of cashew nuts and blackcurrants spiked with Briyani spices — trust us, the unorthodox blend of flavours is strangely addictive.

Even if you’re unsatisfied with their proposed snack packages, you can always customize your very own snack pack. The best part? They have free delivery service, but do make sure to order them a few days prior.

Renew,, Instagram


The Fitness Grocer

Healthy snacking has never been easier with The Fitness Grocer. Equipped with an array of choices for you to choose from — from beef jerkies (psst, they’re halal), to peanut butter cups, protein based cookies and even protein popcorn — you can reassure that your husband would be snacking with a purpose while enjoying the World Cup, without worrying that he’s piling on too much calories.

The best part? They have vegan options as well — which includes vegan protein bars and orange marmalade fruit spread, to name a few.

P/S: Place your orders in advance so that you can enjoy your football match without worrying about the pantry.

The Fitness Grocer,, Instagram @thefitnessgrocer


Box Green


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Box Green is no stranger to those of you already clued into their healthy snacks, especially their acai matcha granola (a blend of rolled oats, red beans, matcha powder,and açaí berries). But some new fangled additions, based on local desserts are other must-trys, such as the Dried Almond Longan Jelly (a mix of almonds and dried longan) and Cheng Tng (a combination of dried longan, goji berry, crispy lotus seeds). 

Also, they offer free shipping for orders above $25, so line them up in your online shopping cart before the games go live.

Box Green,, Instagram @boxgreenco


2. Turn FIFA nights into date nights

If your man were to decide it may be more atmospheric to catch the matches in public locations, why not suggest these F&B spots to kill two birds with one stone? He gets to watch, and you get to wine (not whine) and dine in style.



Ce La Vie

Photo: CÉ LA VI

Feel like splurging? Ce La Vi is one option. Situated at the top of Marina Bay Sands, this dining spot is known for its panoramic view of the city’s skyline. Enjoy the live screening of the FIFA World Cup against this spectacular backdrop, while savouring the bar’s signature King Salmon rolls and oyster ceviche. 

You could grab some of their cocktails as well — we would recommend the Straits Kopi to keep you awake all night — while your man stays glued to their 65-inch screen.

CÉ LA VI, 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Tower 3, Singapore 018971, Phone: 6508 2188,


Picotin Express

Picotin Express

Photo: Picotin Express

Picotin Express is a great date night location for those who are staying at the extreme ends of Singapore. With two different outlets (one at East Coast and the other at Bukit Timah) each equipped with multiple screens and projectors, this is a great spot to catch the games while snacking on their mouth-watering nachos, buffalo wings and fried mozzarella sticks.

P/S: For seating past-midnight (to catch those late matches), a reservation is required.

Picotin @ Bukit Timah, 60 Fairways Drive, Champions Golf Course, Singapore 286966, Phone: 6877 1191,

Picotin @ East Coast, 382 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427622, Phone: 6342 0382,


The Penny Black

The Penny Black

Photo: The Penny Black

And if you’re staying around the central region of Singapore and would not mind the macho atmosphere of a pub, spice the night up by heading over to The Penny Black, a Victorian-inspired pub located in Boat Quay that screens the World Cup till late.

While your man stays transfixed on the matches, indulge yourself in their Western delicacies, which includes the classic Fish & Chips and English Cottage Pie, or sip a glass of their Chardonnay or Shiraz housepours.

The Penny Black, 26-27 Boat Quay, Singapore 049817, Phone: 6538 2300,, Instagram


3. Football etiquette to know

So you’ve figured out the food options, and the places to be at. Now what happens during the screening?

We are talking about television manners and armchair soccer spectatorship – yes, if you’re watching the game with your other other half, it’s all about being respectful, engaged and informed. 


Equip yourself with information

World Cup

Photo: FIFA World Cup / Facebook

Unsure which are the teams that are playing against each other on that day? Remember to do some research beforehand as you would not want to be disturbing your spouses while they are engrossed with the match.

Here’s a tip: Download the “2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™” application on your mobile devices. It is filled with the latest World Cup news, so you can sound intelligent in a situation where your spouse and/or his friends are looking for answers that you can easily solve.


Be enthusiastic

be enthusiastic

Photo: FIFA World Cup / Facebook

Yes, we know that having to feign interest is tiring. Unless you have decided on a girl’s night out, or curl up in your bed with your favourite book, but if you’re spending match night with him, it’s always nice to appear engaged.

Rewards are bound to be reaped (to your advantage too, as you could always use this moment to bribe him to brave through the racks with you the next time Club 21 throws a bazaar sale, or the museums during the Arts Festival).


Question at appropriate intervals

World cup teams

Photo: FIFA World Cup / Facebook

Okay so we advised you to be enthusiastic, but don’t be too enthusiastic. By constantly plying him with questions on the game in the middle of a match — e.g. rules, player history, soccer culture… hey, why did he deserve a red card?! — you may feel that you are showing you are engaged, and interested in what he loves.

However, refrain from asking too many questions, especially when the game is nearing its climax. Don’t be that annoying friend who jumps in cold in the middle of Games of Thrones Season 6 to pester everyone around her why Jon Snow isn’t dead – yes, this applies to soccer matches too.


Just ghost

World cup

Photo: FIFA World Cup / Facebook

And finally, do you really need to be with him on all match nights? Sometimes it’s just better to plan your own program. Repeat after me: Your man is not your plan. Besides, the World Cup may just be a good time for you to catch up on some me-time, because you know, an empowered woman such as yourself should have her own life too. And you know what they always say: Absence do maketh the heart fonder.

In any case, don’t over-prepare. Who knows, he just might be sweet enough to sacrifice some matches to spend quality time with you too. In which case, that’s #relationshipgoals, and he’s your keeper.