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Every model’s biggest dream is most likely to walk the runways of top fashion events such as Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week or even the Victoria’s Secret (VS) Fashion Show. This comes as no easy feat, however, as every model has to start somewhere before they can travel to Paris or New York and compete with a thousand other models for a coveted spot on the runway.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be scouted à la Kate Moss or Candice Swanepoel, you’re going to have to find another way to be recognized by modeling agencies. But it’s not a lost cause as there are many modeling contests to discover fresh faces and give them opportunities to sign an exclusive contract.





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The newest modeling competition in town, Project M, is giving local models a shot to hone their modeling skills and take home an exclusive contract with NOW Model Management. The competition, organized by Bugis Junction and Bugis +, selected 10 male and 10 female finalists and the public gets to vote for the most popular male and female models of their choice!

With so many special prizes to be won, here are what some of the finalists had to say about their character, motivations and why they want to win the competition.


Foo Ce Xian, 22

22-year-old Ce Xian did not expect to get street-casted during Project M’s onsite scouting at Bugis Junction. Although he is currently serving national service, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic graduate decided to join the competition to find out more about the modeling industry and if he truly has what it takes to step up to new challenges.


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Calling himself free-spirited and a slight perfectionist, the 1.87m tall finalist believes these qualities can help him thrive in the demanding and fast-paced industry.

Even though he lacks experience compared to the other models, Ce Xian has the hunger to continuously learn and improve himself over simply having the desire to win, a factor he thinks is key to a successful model.


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“I feel that the public should vote for the best performance and I will definitely do my best as this is my one and only chance to attempt to set foot in the modeling business. Even if my performance may not be better than the more experienced competitors, I hope the public will vote their confidence in me.”


Averyl Loke, 19

After a brief stint as a student model at her own school, 19-year-old Averyl Loke was encouraged by her friends to join the Project M competition after the ad appeared on Facebook. As many models are now looking to social media as a platform to inspire others, she hopes to do the same in the future.

Growing up as the only child, the Nanyang Polytechnic Business Management graduate considers herself independent and a social butterfly. She believes her ability to get along well with others will establish useful connections in the industry.


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A major aspect she thinks which contributes to the success of a model is confidence. “A good model should find every assignment a personal adventure,” she says.


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As a result, the 1.75m tall model wants to make use of her ultimate confidence to win the competition. She is excited for the many opportunities that would open up if she wins Project M, especially because she feels that “it is a chance for me to do something, start something.”

Which of these model-hopefuls should get a headstart in their careers? You can decide who wins the ultimate prize by voting for your favourite model here