True Story: “I’ve been the other woman for years and now he’s married. I don’t feel sorry for the wife”
Olivia’s* relationship with Jack started out years ago as friends, before progressing into something more - when he already had a girlfriend (now wife). She lost her virginity to him and has no regrets about their ongoing affair
True story: "My husband died four years ago, but I still can't let him go"
When Kelly*, 35, lost her husband in a tragic accident, she was beyond devastated. She struggled with crippling grief and to this day, cannot seem to find the emotional closure she needs to move on with her life. She shares her story with Melissa Wong
True story: How I saved my friendship when pal told me we couldn't be friends anymore
You can't always expect to be asked out to dinner by your friends. Maintaining your friendships takes more than just texts. Here's what happens when you forget the basics
True story: a caregiver’s experience of loving someone through depression
Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Avicii were all at the peaks when they chose to end their lives, sending shockwaves across the globe. And the ones closest to victims of depression must share the weight of the condition as caregivers
True story: “My friends don't understand my son's depression. They think I'm a bad parent”
This World Mental Health Day, a woman shares the loneliness and heartache that comes with looking after a son with depression, and what caregivers wish you wouldn’t do
True story: “Breast cancer transformed my wife into someone I no longer recognised”
Man up, and speak up for breast cancer. This Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’re calling on men to get involved in the fight against the disease in a two-part series that shines the spotlight on the cancer battle we don’t often hear about. Let's hear it from the guys
True story: "My first love reappeared after I was engaged to someone else - but I took him back"
Cheryl*, 43, broke off her engagement when she realised that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend. But, as she tells Melissa Wong, she has no regrets
True story: "My best friend & boyfriend got together right under my nose"
Anna* loved that her best friend and boyfriend were close, but she never thought that they would one day betray her in the most horrible way
True story: "I had endometriosis & didn't even know it"
Jolene* only found out that she had this debilitating disease when she was trying to fall pregnant. She opens up about the emotional anguish she suffered as a result of the discovery.
True Story: “I was sexually assaulted by my date while on holiday”
Jeanne*, 33, invited her date back to her vacation rental apartment, only to be attacked by him. She managed to fend him off but says that the experience has left her scarred.
True story: "I'm 38 years old & I have no savings
All Lavinia* wants is to get her financial act together. The communications director has next-to-nothing in her bank account and is tens of thousands of dollars in debt
True Story: "I love my hubby but we don’t have sex"
Gabriella*, 37, has been married for four years, but for the last two years she and her husband Anthony* have not been sexually intimate with each other. Yet she insists that she will not leave her husband
As told to Her World: "How we escaped our bad dates"
We asked eight women to tell us at what point they realised their date was going nowhere, and to share the funniest, craziest – and even cowardly – ways they got out of it
True story: “I’m a 35 year old virgin”
Most people would be shocked to learn that Tanya* is still a virgin. But the communications director, who is single, says that she made the choice to remain celibate until she gets married