True story: "I gained weight to get back at my controlling boyfriend"
Tired of being warned that he would leave her if she put on weight, Gemma*, 31, finally found the courage to get rid of her appearance-obsessed boyfriend. She tells Melissa Wong how she did it
True story: “my shopping habit has cost me my marriage and my job”
Lisa*, 34, loved shopping, but over the years it drove her into extreme debt, eventually ruining her relationship with her husband. Her online shopping habit also got her into trouble at work and led to her firing
True story: "My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant"
Angela*, 35, could have stayed with her unfaithful husband after giving birth. Instead, she chose to raise her baby alone as a single mum. She shares her story with Melissa Wong
True story: “I am 32 years old, married, but never had an orgasm"
Carla* loves her husband dearly and says that they have sex regularly However, the schoolteacher has never climaxed before, a problem that she says started long before she got married
True story: “I quit my job in Singapore to be with my boyfriend overseas but he was seeing someone else"
When Charmaine* moved to Hong Kong to join her long-term boyfriend, she discovered that he’d partnered up with another woman. The 34-year-old marketing consultant shares her heartbreak
True Story: “I need to drink just to get through the day - but I hide my alcohol problem from everyone”
Account manager Robin*, 34, fears she may be an alcoholic but says she isn’t sure if she’s ready to get sober. She opens up to Melissa Wong about her five-year dependency and her worry that it may be controlling her life
True story: "I left the job I love because my supervisor is a tyrant"
It can get stifling when you're constantly getting picked on at work. *Gary and I used to be friends until he decided to abuse his authority as my new supervisor
True Story: “My live-in partner refuses to have sex with me"
Beth*, 35, has been dating Andre* for nearly five years but for more than half that time now they have not been sexually intimate. Beth discusses how her boyfriend’s refusal to have sex has affected her
True Story: Sexually abused as a child, this survivor has never let the experience overwhelm her
A family friend took advantage of Devika when she was a child, starting with harmless hugs and kisses which grew into fondling. She talks about surviving sexual abuse, the #MeToo movement and how the public can help survivors
True Story: The impact of #MeToo for a Singaporean survivor
Amy*, a sexual harassment survivor tells us about discovering strength and solidarity in the movement after her year-long ordeal to find justice
True Story: “I’ve been the other woman for years and now he’s married. I don’t feel sorry for the wife”
Olivia’s* relationship with Jack started out years ago as friends, before progressing into something more - when he already had a girlfriend (now wife). She lost her virginity to him and has no regrets about their ongoing affair
True story: "My husband died four years ago, but I still can't let him go"
When Kelly*, 35, lost her husband in a tragic accident, she was beyond devastated. She struggled with crippling grief and to this day, cannot seem to find the emotional closure she needs to move on with her life. She shares her story with Melissa Wong
True story: How I saved my friendship when pal told me we couldn't be friends anymore
You can't always expect to be asked out to dinner by your friends. Maintaining your friendships takes more than just texts. Here's what happens when you forget the basics
True story: a caregiver’s experience of loving someone through depression
Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Avicii were all at the peaks when they chose to end their lives, sending shockwaves across the globe. And the ones closest to victims of depression must share the weight of the condition as caregivers