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Every twenty something Singaporean will relate to these sex scenarios

From sex in the car to sex whilst your parents are in the next room, we've all encountered the below five sexual scenarios

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People often say that your twenties is all about self-discovery, and that is especially true when it comes to our sex life. Of course, the sex life of a twenty-something varies from individual to individual, but there are some scenarios that a lot of us would find familiar. Here are five common types of sex that most Singaporean women in their twenties would encounter.


The staycation sex

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For most of us, staycation = sexy times (don’t even try to deny lol). And staycation sex is great: 1. you don’t have to worry about your family members accidentally barging in; 2. hotel beds are 100000 times fluffier than your own bed; 3. somebody else will do the clean up after, and 4. you can be as loud as you want.


The “my parents are in the next room” sex

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This is made even more awkward if you haven’t been introduced to the family yet. Then you try to sneak out of the house in the wee hours of the morning, wondering if it’s pathetic to still be sneaking out of bedrooms at this age.


The car sex

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Because ain’t nobody got money for a hotel room every time they feel the urge. There’s nothing glamorous about doing it in a deserted multi-story carpark, but hey, it’ll do. You have to be very careful about this, because public sex is illegal here and someone can call the police on you.


The “I didn’t know I’d be into this” sex

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On occasion, you’ll meet a partner who will expand your sexual horizons. Maybe he talks really dirty. Or maybe he did something you weren’t expecting. Anyway the point is, he did something that you’re not used to, and you found yourself *gasp* actually sort of really liking it.


The bad sex

Oh boy, the amount of bad sex you have to put up with in your twenties is horrendous. Just ask any older woman. While it may feel like you’ll never know what good sex is, the silver lining is that all these bad sex will help you to figure out what works for you in bed… and what doesn’t. Subsequently, this will lead to better, mind-blowing sex for when you’re older because you know what you want. So take heart, because it can only get better from here onwards.


This article was first published on CLEO.