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Haven’t been getting as many matches on Tinder as your friends? Or even when you do get a match, you find the conversation to be dry and fruitless?

Before you pin the lack of success to bad luck or other factors, check to see if you’re making these mistakes that might be holding you back from making better and more meaningful matches. Read on to find out more.

1) Your first picture obscures your face partially

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The first impression you make on any guy is your very first picture. If your face can’t be seen clearly – say it’s partially covered by hair, you’re wearing sunglasses, or you’ve over-edited the picture; it may look like you’re trying to compensate for something.

We get that putting yourself out there can be daunting. Showing your face to a sea of strangers is a vulnerable act. 

However, if your picture (and your first one at that) doesn’t show your full mug, the chances of men swiping left is far higher. Here's some tips on how to take a good OOTD for your profile picture so you can look great and rock your outfit at the same time.


2) You have way too many requirements

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We’re all for knowing our own standards and exactly what we want in a man. But we’ve seen profiles online where the standards are waaaaay too specific and lengthy. 

For example, if you state in your bio that you only want a man who is of a certain height, must have gone to a reputable university, and needs to love cats with the same passion you harbour, you’re definitely making a mistake. 

Sure, it’s a great way to weed out the people you know you don’t want to spend time with, but it also sends a sign to any potential good matches that you are overly particular or fussy about what you want. Not the best impression to make.

Dial it back a notch by putting yourself in the men’s shoes. Would you be attracted to a man who had specific requirements on where you studied, what kind of animals you like and whether you were of a certain weight? If no, it’s back to the drawing board.




3) You have only one or two pictures in your profile

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You might have felt hesitant to swipe right on a guy who looks hot, but only has one picture. 

Why? Perhaps the picture isn’t his, perhaps this is too good to be true and you’re being catfished. Why wouldn’t he have more pictures anyway? Is he hiding something?

Similarly, one or two pictures may not be enough to convince a person to swipe right. Have a healthy variety of pictures of yourself and we don’t mean five different types of selfies. Get pictures of yourself with friends, outside doing fun things, or enjoying a meal. It shows you living your life, always a do.


4) You use cliches in your bio

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You might do this without realising, but some phrases in Tinder are way overused and though they aren’t inherently lousy things to say, they are so common (and cringe-worthy) that they don’t help you stand out. We get that they might sound cute or smart, but when half the dating world is using those lines, it becomes a cliche.

Here are some examples:
“Looking for a partner in crime to …”
“I’m fluent in xxx, xxx, and sarcasm.”
“I love to have fun/coffee/pizza”

If you catch yourself falling into cliches like these, simply find a way to reword your sentences, or highlight other aspects about you that aren’t as generic.


5) Your first picture is a group shot

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It’s helpful to show that you have an active social life by uploading group shots. But don’t use them as the first picture, as it leaves the poor guy on the other end swiping and trying to figure out which one you are.

And that’s if they even bother trying to figure it out, some might swipe left without even trying.

We know many guys tend to swipe right regardless of whose profile is in front of them, but there are also guys who take the time to decide before swiping. 

They’re the ones who tend to invest a little more effort into relationship building than guys who take any opportunity that comes up. So spend a little time making your first picture shows you (and you alone) in a flattering way.


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