In 1991, we had our first Woman of the Year event. Till date, we’ve awarded many women who are trailblazers in their fields and have contributed to society.

As we prepare for this year’s winners to be announced, we picked out eight great quotes from our past Woman of the Year (WOTY) and Young Woman Achiever (YWA) winners.


Ng Ling Ling, WOTY 2018

 “Because of my interest in people, I like to listen to their views. I like to listen to what they think about what we’re discussing.” – Ng Ling Ling (WOTY 2018)

Ex-managing director of Comchest Ng Ling Ling was our 2018 Woman of the Year. During her tenure, Comchest rallied a total of 240 social service organisations to raise a record breaking $800 million in donations through the Care and Share movement. 


Angelene Chan, WOTY 2017

“They (female architects) motivate, support and inspire each other to pursue their passion for architecture and realise their individual dreams.” – Angelene Chan (WOTY 2017)

CEO of DP Architects and the 2018 Designer of the Year Angelene Chan was our 2017 Woman of the Year


Olivia Lee, YWA 2018

“If something makes me uncomfortable or scared, I ask myself why and try to figure out if it’s a mental block or something that can be pushed through.” – Olivia Lee (YWA 2018)

Industrial designer Olivia Lee is our 2018 YWA. And ‘pushing through’ got her named as one of the eight most promising designers at the renowned Salone del Mobile Milano furniture exhibition in Italy in 2017.


Jenny Tay, YWA 2016

“I’m not afraid of competition. It encourages improvement across the industry. In the last two years, I’ve seen many funeral companies offering additional services, more transparent packages and advance-planning options.” – Jenny Tay (YWA 2016)

When you deal with funerals all the time because of your job, it’s not easy to remain positive. But Ms Jenny Tay, our 2016 YWA is a woman who doesn’t let anything stop her. She’s adopted a straightforward mindset to the situation and is constantly trying to improve the industry. 


Sudha Nair, WOTY 2016

“If you hammer hard enough, someday, somebody will hear you.” – Sudha Nair (WOTY 2016)

It’s all about determination and perseverance when it comes to Dr. Sudha Nair, our 2016 Woman of the Year. She’s the executive director of Pave, Singapore’s leading agency dealing with family violence. 


Zuraidah Abdullah, WOTY 2015

“I look forward to mentoring and coaching people. To me, it’s less important that you do a good job; it’s more important that you can train someone to do a better job than you can.” – Zuraidah Abdullah (WOTY 2015)

Zuraidah Abdullah was the first woman to hold the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police – the third-highest rank in the Singapore Police Force (SPF). In 2015, she became the first woman from a uniformed organisation to be awarded the Woman of the Year award.


Yip Pin Xiu, YWA 2008

“I don’t want to ever stop training. I know that I can achieve what I want as long as I put my mind to it.” – Yip Pin Xiu (YWA 2008)

You know her name. And you’ve seen her swim. 

Yip Pin Xiu won Singapore’s first Olympic-level gold medal in the women’s 50m backstroke at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008. 


Halimah Yacob, WOTY 2008

“It may not be very glamorous but it is very satisfying. People come to me because they need help. If they don’t need me, then I might as well pack up and go home.” – Halimah Yacob (WOTY 2003)

Ah, the one and only Madam President Halimah Yacob was our 2003 Woman of the Year.

And even then, she was already actively involved in the community as MP for Jurong.


These women are our daily inspiration. Whenever we look back at our past winners, we are determined to recognise more women who’ve contributed to society. 

We look forward to announcing this year’s winners, so stay tuned. 

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