Catching up with Her World Woman of the Year alumni

We cast a spotlight on our past Her World of the Year winners and check in with them about life after WOTY


Over the last 28 years, Her World has celebrated some of the most exceptional and high-achieving women in Singapore. Every year, one woman in Singapore will be awarded as Her World Woman of the Year and another outstanding young woman under the age of 35 will be accorded the Young Woman Achiever Award.

All of them are trailblazers in the truest, most triumphant sense of the word; who having made breakthroughs in their industries, left positive and long-lasting impact both locally and overseas with their stellar accomplishments. 

We cast a spotlight on three of our past winners and check in with them about what’s new in their lives, as well as their five-year plans.


1. Ng Ling Ling, Her World’s Woman of the Year 2018 and former managing director of Community Chest




1.Tell us what’s new in your life at the moment?

The past one year could not have been busier. Given my professional posting to the transformation office of the Ministry of Health, I took on a new phase of public service with a steep learning curve to work with multi-disciplinary teams comprising doctors, nurses, technologists, designers and researchers to effect new models of care for better chronic disease management in the primary care setting. 

Being the part of healthcare that is closest to the community, primary care which comprises public polyclinics and private GPs, becomes an extension for my understanding on how to improve the physical, social and mental well-being of our people, after spending 16 years in social service. Besides the new job posting, I have continued volunteering in various social and community platforms.


2. Are there any special projects that you are working on right now?

Serving the community has been my motivation to join public service about 17 years ago and I intend to continue this commitment and journey. 

Besides primary care transformation projects in my professional role, I am currently volunteering in local community to help with seniors’ care, which involves keeping those who are ambulant and mobile active and engaged, partnering healthcare providers for regular health-screening and health awareness education, as well as developing a more dementia-friendly neighbourhood. 

In commemoration of the SG Bicentennial, I have also been helping in the volunteer engagement for the SG Bicentennial Experience as well as co-chairing a special SG Bicentennial Charity Dinner under Community Chest to celebrate the spirit of community giving and showcase how it has been integral to the success of Singapore since our early days.    


3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Very much still in my passion for community service. Besides causes close to my heart, such as the special needs community (persons with disabilities) and supporting seniors to age well, I also hope to contribute more to mentoring young people to get involved in community engagement and service.


4. What are some of the challenges that you are currently facing and how do you think you can overcome them?

Having a son in PSLE with an intense diary including professional and community commitments. 

At times, I do feel being pulled in a hundred directions.

But as family members and friends who have seen me serve over the years, they joke that it is nothing new and I have always managed to find a way to sustain with a smile. 

I think an innate cheerfulness and joy in doing what I find meaningful, despite the demands, is my way of taking all in a good stride.  


5. What is your special mantra?

My mantra has more or less remained over the years.

Seek out and put your heart, head and hands to what that have eternal lasting values, and everything else will fall into place.