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Search for the Face of Healthy Beauty 2019 : Meet the lucky top 10

Guardian is looking for the Face of Healthy Beauty in Singapore. Cast your votes for your favourite finalists today and be rewarded with e-vouchers

Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2019

The search for Guardian Singapore’s Face of Healthy Beauty 2019 continues...and after rounds of intense selection, we have our beautiful top 10 finalists.

The semi-finals took place recently at Fitness First at Capitol Tower where 20 contestants had to go through four fitness challenges and a beauty challenge. 

Guardian is looking for someone who inspires others to live a healthy and positive lifestyle, while having her own sense of personality and style.

The winner of this contest will walk away with $3,000 in cash vouchers, 1-year Guardian ambassadorship, 1 year's supply of products from supporting partners worth up to $1,600, 6 months' Fitness First membership, apparel from Zalora worth $1,000 and 1 year of digital subscription of Her World. She will also get to be featured in Her and in Guardian's campaigns. Guardian will also be selecting first and second runner-up winners who will win $1,000 and $500 in cash vouchers respectively. 

When you vote for your favourite finalists, you will also get to win e-vouchers. Online voting constitutes 30 per cent of contestants' final score.

But before that, get to know these women better to help you decide the next face of healthy beauty.

1. Jasmine Goh


This mother of two placed fourth in the SEA Games Women’s Marathon 2017. While she picked up running in a bid to lose weight, it quickly became more than that. Running has now become a passion.

Juggling her career and family as a single-parent, Jasmine trains twice a day.

Vote for Jasmine to be the next Face of Healthy Beauty here.

Instagram: @go_jasminegoh

2. Yanessa Wong


Intelligent, beautiful and fit - it’s no wonder Yanessa is in the running for Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty. With two degrees under her belt, Yanessa isn’t just a pretty face.

The designer at an architecture firm had also won Hong Kong’s Institute of Architects Medal of Award in 2017.

Vote for Yanessa to be the next Face of Healthy Beauty here.

nstagram: @yanessaw


3. Jona Mae De Gollo 


Shape Fit Girl 2019 finalist and former model Jona Mae believes in keeping fit and taking care of yourself.

Doing pilates, yoga and cardio more than four times a week, the 32-year-old “trains like a beast, looks like a beauty”.

Vote for Jona Mae to be the next Face of Healthy Beauty here.

Instagram: @jm.degollo


4. Angie Chua


A performer at heart, Angie stays fit and trim through dance performances and even teaches her own classes. To top it off, Angie is a GX Instructor.

She runs workout classes like Piloxing (mixture of pilates and boxing) and K-kardio classes.

Vote for Angie to be the next Face of Healthy Beauty here.

Instagram: @dancingconfetti


5. Jeannie Chia


Just take a look at Jeannie’s Instagram and you can tell she’s all about leading a healthy lifestyle. She frequents workout classes like F45, Haus Athletics, Crucycle and more.

Even with her active lifestyle and zest for life, she advocates the importance of taking care of one’s skin from a young age.

Vote for Jeannie to be the next Face of Healthy Beauty here.

Instagram: @thispairofjeans

Check out all the action at the semi-finals of Guardian's Healthy Beauty Awards.