He needs his mum’s approval on everything, while she can do no wrong (even when she’s at fault). He’s clueless in the domestic department, and probably has no intention of moving out to live independently.

I’m talking about the mama’s boys or mummy’s boys – men who are greatly influenced by or attached to their mothers.

Many of my girlfriends have dated mummy’s boys, and the horror stories range from the fights they have had (involving *gulp* his mum), reporting to Mummy on every detail, to as far as not letting the girlfriend take a bite out of a dish she prepared for her precious offspring. 

You’ll see me running for the hills at the first sign of a man who is overly attached to his mother.

Sure, there are some upsides to dating a mummy’s boy – being more in touch with his feelings, perhaps having better manners, and being more communicative and respectful towards women – but the positives end there.

I’ll never be numero uno in his life.

That spot is occupied by one woman – his mum. Before you date a mummy’s boy, you have to be okay with it. Else, you’d be fighting a losing battle in this relationship.

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For me, I need to be Number One in my man’s life.

Besides, I don’t find mummy’s boys sexy. A manly man who is independent is what I find attractive.

I certainly don’t want to baby a fully-grown man. Friends yes, but lovers with a man-child? Erm, no thanks.

I have a friend who once dated a mummy’s boy. Their dinner dates were confined to mummy’s home-cooked meals – seven days a week – because “mum’s food is the best”. Others had to learn how to cook their boyfriend’s favourite dishes from his mum. Sadly, I’m no domestic goddess and that makes me an immediate “fail”.

But the worst is having to seek mummy’s opinion on nearly everything, including his wardrobe and car. Imagine house-hunting as a trio with his mum, who has the final say of what’s your dream flat. Still, while such a relationship may not work for me, it could work for other women. 

Me? I’ll stick with the manly man. His insensitive and uncommunicative ways may drive me nuts, but that’s when I reach out to my girlfriends, and my wonderful mummy.

Hey, no one ever said anything about not dating mummy’s girls, right?

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This story was first published on Her World’s November 2019 issue.