Got it from her hubby: The cold shower beauty tip Kate Pang learnt from Andie Chen

We also asked the actress-host tricky questions like who takes longer to get ready, Andie or her, and the one beauty advice she would hand down to Avery

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If you’ve seen any of local celebrity couple Kate Pang and Andie Chen’s videos on their YouTube channel, Kandie Family, where they cover parenting topics, you can tell what a close-knit family they are.

The couple met on the set of the television drama “Joys of Life” in 2012 and tied the knot a year later in 2013.

Kate and Andie have built a wonderful family together with their four-year-old son Aden and two-year-old daughter Avery. The duo continues to warm our hearts on a daily basis with their incredible support for one another.


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They are also proof that when you are in a good relationship, you learn things. It seems this holds true even in aspects of their daily life like their beauty routine.

“When I first met Andie, his complexion wasn’t that good and his skin was very sensitive. Initially, he would use products that contained chemicals. I would constantly encourage him to choose products made of natural ingredients. His skin has improved tremendously. I would also get him to try out face masks with exfoliating properties.”

“Andie introduced me to the idea of ending showers with cold water. He said that it’s not only revitalising but it’s also good for the skin. But sometimes, it’s still too cold for my liking.”


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We caught up the charismatic celebrity mum who was at The Body Shop Ion Orchard outlet recently to celebrate the store’s second anniversary to find out more about her beauty routine, her definition of beauty and her inspiration in life.


On removing her makeup after a long day…

“I’ll start by soaking cotton pads with The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover to remove my eye makeup. For my lashes, I like to use a Q-tip that has been soaked in the same eye and lip makeup remover. I’ll remove any makeup that’s left on my face with the Camomile Cleansing Oil before following up with the Drops of Youth Gentle Foamwash.”


On getting ready in ten minutes…

“If I’m not working, I usually take ten minutes to get ready and dressed. I’ll apply some of the Drops of Youth Concentrate, Skin Defense Multi-Protection Essence with SPF 50 and some CC cream. If I’m working, it’ll take me about 40 minutes to get ready because I have to get my makeup done.


On who takes longer to get ready…

“If I’m not working, Andie takes longer. He has a lot of prep work to sort out in the morning. Also, he spends a long time in the toilet!” (*laughs*)


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On her simplified beauty routine…

“Before becoming a mum, I used to have five to six steps in my beauty routine. Applying my skincare alone would take 15 minutes. Now, I would apply the Drop of Youth Concentrate on my entire face and eye area. I find that my skin is not only hydrated, it also saves me a lot of time.”


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On her beauty tip for busy mums…

Multi-masking. Using two different face masks on different parts of your face, depending on your skin concerns and needs can help to save time. You can even do this when you’re doing your housework.”


On her number one rule when it comes to skincare…

“Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! So long as the sun is out, even if you’re indoors, you need sun protection!”


On juggling everything…

“For me, I saw a need to cut down my workload and make changes to the work that I do. Kids grow up so fast, once you miss those precious moments, you can never get them back. That is why I decided to take on lesser television projects and work on more online content instead to spend more time with my kids. I also have certain days in a week blocked out to go out on a date with my husband and to spend time with my children. Also, I try to make it a point to get rid of distractions like using my handphone when I’m spending quality time with my loved ones.”


On beauty advice that she would hand down to Avery…

“I would educate her about the harmful effects of makeup on her skin.”


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On staying fit…

“I sleep early and get up early, exercise, eat clean. My son has been accustomed to this lifestyle. If we’re having fried chicken at home, he would comment that it’s not healthy and not eat it. I also do some yoga with my kids.”


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On giving up sugar…

“I have a sweet tooth and I love my cheesecakes, puddings, waffles and milk teas. I used to have a sweet treat after every meal and have a cup of bubble tea every single day. When I found out that such eating habits would cause ageing and inflammation and harm an unborn baby, I stopped eating sugary treats when I was pregnant with my kids. These days, when I order milk tea, I would go for the sugar-free option.”


On her definition of beauty…

“Beauty is living a healthy and blissful life.”


On what makes her feel beautiful…

“When my kids tell me, mummy, I love you.”


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On what motivates her…

“My kids. When I’m tired and frustrated, all I have to do is look at their adorable faces. I always feel so energised when I carry them in my arms, but once I put them down, my waist will hurt!” (*laughs*)