You’re already running behind on every single bullet point of the ‘to do’ list, the coffee is too hot to drink (but sure as eggs are eggs will be stone cold by the time you get back to it) and your dreaded Inbox is busier than Trump’s media damage control team. Welcome to Monday.

The weekend feels like a distant memory and the #TGIF hashtag seems further away than Mordor was to Frodo. If you don’t get the analogy then shame on you – go and read Lord of the Rings immediately. We say immediately, we don’t mean you have to whip it out for a nosey mid-discussion with the top dogs about the new financial year.

Whilst we don’t wish to insult your intelligence, we have to point out that this never changes. This is ALWAYS your Monday.  The start of the week isn’t great, the end of the week looks pretty grim and the less said about the middle, the better.  Whilst yes, we can emphasise that micromanagement is killing your soul, and yes, we do understand you work late daily and don’t even have time to eat a decent dinner, this doesn’t have to be the norm. Oh no, it really doesn’t.

There’s plenty of ways to ease the burden of the working week, including drastic actions like taking up a vow of silence, or flying anonymous paper aeroplanes into your boss’s office with the words ‘you suck’ written on the wings. However, we think that 1. You’ll break the vow in under 5 minutes and 2. She’ll recognise your handwriting and ask you to clear your desk.

The main battle of working life is time, and time management. We all need more TIME.  But there are methods of working with what you’ve got to give yourself some light relief, namely, plan ahead.


Planning ahead will do all kinds of wondrous things – particularly where your wardrobe is concerned.  If you’ve got your shizzle together, the mornings can be a breeze and set you up in the right frame of mind to tackle the day, whatever gets thrown at you (perhaps you might receive a paper aeroplane yourself, who knows). By having your OOTD sorted for every day, you’re elevating stress, wardrobe malfunctions and shaving off precious time in the morning, which can be better spent on your hair do, or reading the news or meditation.

So, with all of the above in mind, we’ve got 5 killer outfit ensembles for you that will rock your working week, reducing sartorial stress and raising your attire A-game.  Oh, and each item is under $100 dollars each from Zara which means 1. your bank account will love you 2. You can order online now thanks to their newly launched ecommerce site, shaving MORE time out of your week 3. You don’t need to bother to shop around to master your new wardrobe. It’s a win win all round.  Thank us later.


Monday – Energy and sass

1. Structured Mini Skirt With Ruffle $59.90

2. High Neck Blouse $59.90

3. Metallic Green Court Shoes $79.90


Tuesday – Practicality and potential overtime

1.  Lace-trimmed Trousers $69.90

2. White Top With Contrasting Trims $49.90

3. Slingback Platform Bluchers $79.90



Wednesday – Endurance and comfort

1. Printed Dress With Knot $89.90

2. Flat Slingback Shoes $45.90

3. Multi Hoop Earrings $29.90



Thursday – Tying up loose ends (and emails!)

1.  Lace Tuxedo Jumpsuit $89.90

2. Contrast High Heel Ankle Boots $59.50

3. Leaves Print Flowing Jacket $69.90


Friday – Winding down for weekend plans

1. Flared Printed Trousers $89.90

2. Asymmetric Cut Out Bodysuit $35.90

3. Multicoloured Pom Pom Earrings $19.90