Sweet and girlie VERSUS Sexy and feminine
Jeanne Tai, 27, associate features editor is in a relationship with Terence Chan, 29, public servant

guys get to dress their girlfriends the way they want to JEANNEBEFORE: Jeanne’s usual outfit (left) and AFTER: Jeanne’s new look wearing Aijek blazer from Keepers; top from Alice and Olivia; skirt from Bysi; cuff and rings from H&M; clutch from Pedro; shoes from Aldo.

Terrence says: Jeanne is always in dresses that make her look young. It would be nice to see her spice things up a little! (winks).

You don’t have to show plenty of skin to be sexy. Try a cropped strapless top that reveals just a sliver of your midriff. A pencil skirt hugs your curves and a fitted blazer adds polish.

His verdict: Whoa! She looks so sultry… love the red-hot lipstick and the heels (she doesn’t wear them often).

Her verdict: I like how it’s sexy without revealing excessive amounts of skin. I especially love the fire-engine-red accessories (bag and shoes) that make this whole ensemble pop!

Tomboy-chic VERSUS Whimsical and cute
Rachel Chin, 28, account manager, in a relationship with Jonathan Ross Yeoh, 25, banker

guys get to dress their girlfriends the way they want to RACHELBEORE: Rachel’s usual outfit (left) AFTER: Rachel’s new look, wearing Sweater from Ted Baker; skirt from Bysi; necklace from www.dressabelle.com.sg; bag from Kate Spade; shoes from Pedro; ring, Rachel’s own.

Jonathan says: Rachel’s usual cool street style looks great, but it tends to be repetitive at times. Her bubbly and smiley personality isn’t reflected in her everyday outfits. I’d like to dress her up in something fun!

Zooey Deschanel would be proud. A midi-length floral skirt pairs perfectly with a hot-pink sweater for a sweet, ’50s-inspired look. Don’t forget a quirky accessory, like this super-cute flowerpot bag.

His verdict: Hmm… I thought this girlie and quirky look would work for her, but I’m not really digging it. Maybe I should have put her in a lace dress (laughs).

Her verdict: This ensemble is totally not “me” – it’s way too sweet for my liking! But I would pair the individual pieces, like the pink sweater, with my existing wardrobe staples. And the flowerpot bag? Super-cute!

Quirky and colourful VERSUS Edgy and dark
Shi Tianyun, 32, fashion writer; married to Delaney Ng, 36, public servant

guys get to dress their girlfriends the way they want to TIANYUNBEFORE: Tianyun’s usual look (left) AFTER: Tianyun’s new look wearing Dzojchen leather jacket from Keepers; vest from H&M; tank from www.soeurs.co; jeans from Uniqlo; Cheap Monday rings from The Editor’s Market; bag from Pedro; boots from H&M.

Delaney says: Sometimes Tianyun’s outfits have too many colours – it’s a little chaotic. I’d like to tone down the volume … all the way! I’ve always wondered what she’d look like in all-black.

Channel your inner “off-duty model” with a chic top-to-toe black look that’s anything but boring, thanks to layering and a mix of textures (here, leather is paired with denim). Play with proportions by pairing an oversized vest with skinny jeans and sleek boots.

His verdict: I rarely see my wife looking so grown-up! The style is a little futuristic, no? Her fair complexion stands out against the black and I like how the overall look is interesting with the different layers.

Her verdict: Despite all this black, I’m loving the edgy look – it’s fierce! I look like someone who got snapped for her trendy street style (laughs). The leather jacket is really cool and would anchor my normally colourful outfits.


This story was first published in Her World magazine February 2015 issue.