Photo: theunseenalchemist/ Instagram

It’s amazing how many crazy tricks we can do with our precious mane – there’s dip dye, ombre, balayage, two-tone…



To wit, UK-based blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson looks like a pretty mermaid with her two-toned hair in a dreamy aqua on top and a mystical indigo shade below. It’s a great fashion statement that’s unique and adds depth to your hairstyle.

But now, it’s time to embrace colour-changing hair dye! This groundbreaking trend was unveiled to the world at London Fashion Week and has generated a lot of buzz (quite rightfully so too, we might add). Watch for yourself the array of colours that show on your hair just based on changes in temperature:



This red hot hair dye, appropriately dubbed Fire, was developed by The Unseen, a UK exploration house that aims to let people “see” the unseen by combining science with art, design and performance. Here’s a very brief primer on the science behind this very intriguing product: The carbon-based molecules in the dye change their light absorption according to temperature fluctuations, so the hue functions like a follicular thermostat, if you will.    

The hair dye is available in multiple colour ranges, from bright red to subtle pastels, and is billed as being semi-permanent, which basically means it lasts over a few washes. The brand, led by material alchemist Lauren Bowker, is currently looking for commercial partners to help bring the product to the market, so here’s hoping we see this on our counters very soon.



There are no limits to beautifying our hair, really, and this game changer gives us that much-needed versatility – imagine the myriad of gorgeous colours you can adorn just by heading somewhere new.

Cheers to never ending innovation in the mane-y years ahead.

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