Image: Showbit
Altuzarra autumn winter 2016

Before I start, I should preface that I was never a religious heel-wearer. The thought of having to traipse around, balancing only on the balls of my feet gave me the shudders. 

However, I find myself quietly relegating this thought whenever there’s a special occasion. I try my best to seek out a pair of ‘less painful’ heels for events like birthdays, wedding dinners, parties in clubs and even for my prom night when I was only sixteen. 

I get the appeal of high heels. Truth to be told, despite standing at 164 cm (I know it’s not too shabby), I used to wish that I was the kind of girl who could strut effortlessly in high heels. They are beautiful to look at and the extra height is such a confidence booster. 

But for some reason, I never quite learned how to walk in them. No matter how well-made the shoes were (read: how big a hole its price burned in my pocket) or how ‘comfortable’ it felt when I was trying them out at home, I always ended my night with sore, throbbing and blistered feet. 

Through it all, I never blamed the shoes. I always thought there was something wrong with me. Maybe the arch of my foot is too high, maybe it was the way I walked, maybe it’s my bunions, or maybe I was just too heavy. 

One night, as I was hobbling home after a long night in a club for a birthday party, it suddenly hit me: Why was I wearing heels? Why am I putting myself through this misery?

That epiphany came during a time where I segueing into the world of self-confidence and learning how to be comfortable in my own skin

It suddenly dawned on me that if I don’t feel comfortable in them, then the supposed ‘benefits’ (think: longer legs, sexy strut, powerful persona,) of wearing heels are reduced to naught. I simply felt disconnected from myself — the polar opposite of a confidence boost. 

I started wearing things because I liked them, not because of their mythical slimming or confidence boosting properties. I stopped buying into the idea that having my body propped up on stilts could help me prove my status or sex appeal. Accepting the way my body looks naturally gave me the biggest confidence boost I ever needed. 

Since then, I have been proclaiming that I am a flats girl through and through and I proudly acknowledge the fact that I can’t walk in heels. It doesn’t bother me anymore. And it seems like the heavens have heard my cries. 

Sensible footwear is the height of chic right now. Flat mules, slides, flatforms and my one true love, sneakers.

Flat shoes forever!