This is one scenario no girl wants to experience; walking into a party feeling all fly only to realise that someone else is wearing the same dress as you, and what’s worse, looks better in it!

Celebrities are not spared from this mortifying coincidence either. Having first dibs on the latest fashion does not always guarantee someone else won’t be wearing the exact same outfit. It’s not unusual for a star to be photographed in the same outfit as another, whether on or off stage – much to the horror to the star and his or her stylist.

So when it boils down to a fashion faceoff between K-Pop stars, the battle is fierce. I pit Korean celeb vs Korean celeb for you to tell me: Who wore it better?

Credit: BNTNews and Helianthus

Seohyun from Girls’ Generation vs actress Jung So Min
Seohyun from Girls’ Generation and actress Jung So Min, who stars in the drama Big Man that just ended in Korea, were snapped carrying the same Helianthus bucket bag. The starlets both opted for white skinny pants and shoes but had totally different styles. The maknae (youngest member) of Girls’ Generation didn’t stray from her girl-next-door image with her all-white outfit and baby pink bag although I felt the billowing top did nothing for her figure. It seemed that Jung’s laidback look, from fiery messy fish tail side braid to her choice of textured leather sling bag, worked better overall.

Credit: BNTNews and Double.M

Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation vs Kang Ji Young (formerly from Kara)
Seohyun’s group member Sooyoung takes on another ex-girl group member Kang Ji Young who used to be in Kara. The two idols’ battle over the same structured bag from Korean brand Double.M with their airport style. Unfortunately, the oversized blouse ages the 20-year-old Kang while Sooyoung is stylishly sleek despite bundling up with a jacket and scarf.

Credit: BNTNews, SBS The lord of drama and KBS2 School 2013

Actress Jung Ryeo Won vs actor Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk, star of Doctor Stranger that’s currently airing, can do no wrong, even in a military-styled jacket over a simple T-shirt that does nothing to overshadow his boyish charm. But when the same Spris jacket is worn by Jung Ryeo Won, the actress is mischievously cute in her interpretation of the menswear trend. I can’t decide but I have to say that Lee edges past Jung in this case, only just because he’s quite the hottie.

Credit: BNTNews, O2nd and Highcut

Suzy from Miss A vs gymnast Son Yeon Jae
Girl group Miss A’s Suzy tries to toughen up a sheer pink skirt from Korean label O’2nd by pairing it with a T-shirt. I can’t get used to such a demure outfit on Suzy as the singer-actress normally bares her legs in short skirts. On the other hand, the darling of Korean gymnastics Son Yeon Jae is styled in the same skirt for a spread in Highcut magazine and appears like the ingénue she is.

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