So many white sneakers, so little time. And for some of us, so little balance in the bank account too. But if you must treat yourself to something new this month, make it a pair of kicks. And make it white.

Why? Well, just like the little black dress, white sneakers never go out of style and they match with just about anything — from ripped jeans to short shorts.

Need a little help in choosing which pair to go for? Take our quick personality quiz below and you’ll be on your way to meet your perfect sole mate.

Q1: Which celebrity’s style do you love the most (choose one)?

A) Victoria Beckham
B) Iris Apfel
C) Karlie Kloss
D) Adele
E) Amy Schumer


Q2: It’s Monday and you’ll most likely…

A) Put together a monochromic outfit (photo: Joseph)
B) Pick a bright and bold pantsuit to welcome a new week of possibilities (photo: COS)
C) Book an evening yoga/pilates/HIIT class at your gym and turn up in workout attire at work (photo: Victoria’s Secret)
D) Pick a failsafe black dress (photo: Zara)
E) Pick a floral dress to embrace your feminine side (photo: ErdemXH&M)


Q3: Your favourite go-to weekend getup is…

A) A boyfriend’s shirt and ripped jeans
B) A gingham cut-out dress. Straw bag optional
C) A logo T-shirt and jeans
D) A plain and simple dress
E) A cartoon T-shirt with shorts


Q4: Pick your favourite bag.

A) Burberry DK88
B) Marc Jacobs Snapshot
C) LeSportsac Mr. Men and Little Miss Voyager backpack
D) Anya Hindmarch The Bucket
E) Dolce & Gabbana Sicily tote

Ready with your results? Okay, here we go:

If you’ve got mostly As…

You’re classy

Your closet is built with modern yet classic pieces. Basically, they’re the clothes that you’ll keep wearing and wearing and wearing until they’re torn apart from the multiple washes that they’ve had to endure.

But hey, that’s your signature style and you’re proud of it. Plus, without too much prints and clutter, you’re pretty much a straightforward dresser and you know exactly what to wear every morning.

Try: Ruffled leather sneakers, $379.30, Tory Burch at Net-a-porter. Double Sneaky Viv’, price unavailable, Roger Vivier

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If you’ve got mostly Bs…

You’re adventurous

You rarely leave your house without a statement necklace (and we’ve got oodles of them here!), earring, shoes or bag. On the days when you’re feeling extra adventurous, you’ll even pile on the clashing prints but they always end up looking gorgeous on you.

When you’re finally ready to reach for the doorknob, you’ll hardly go about town unnoticed. Your colourful wardrobe may have also earned you the most stylish friend title and your besties often come to you for fashion advice.

Try: Sneaker boot, $550, Fenty Puma by Rihanna. Sneak Else, $1,030, Stella McCartney


If you’ve got mostly Cs…

You’re sporty

Nobody in your office can beat you when it comes to clocking in the most number of workout hours per week. You’re always carrying your yoga mat or gym bag to work and almost never turn down an offer to try out a new sport or join a marathon.

So naturally, you’ll want a pair of white kicks that’s easy to slip on and allows you to move around freely. Look out for those that are lightweight and have breathable material to keep your feet cool, making sure you don’t end up with a stinky shoe bag wherever you go.

Try: Crazytrain elite shoes, $209, adidas. Slip ons, $267.87, Joshua Sanders at Net-a-porter


If you’re mostly Ds…

You’re practical

Some women can spend a whole afternoon shopping for things that they don’t necessarily need. And that translates to a lot of clutter in their rooms. You? You’re the complete opposite.

You’ll always say no to excess because you don’t like to see your clothes overspilling your closet. As a result, you only have the items that you know you’ll wear for sure. Also, you pay little attention to whatever’s trending at the moment.  

Try: Sneakers, price unavailable, Red Valentino. Sneakers, $129, SPUR


If you’re mostly Es…

You’re fun

Your closet is probably filled with pieces that are accented with playful details such as pom-poms and sparkles that help to make your flashy outfit, well, even more flashy. When it comes to fashion, you never take it too seriously.

You’re always game to try out new prints and you’re a master at mixing luxury designs with high-street pieces to create an enviable look that’s uniquely yours.

Try: Ace sneakers with pineapple motif patches, price unavailable, Gucci. Leather slip on sneakers, $146.24, Sam Edelman at Net-a-porter