No one likes being put in a box, but all of us can name a few people that fall under some archetypal office personality types. If you think that you do (or if you wish to channel that office personality), here are the work shoes to wear for your office personality! So, which one are you?


The Solitary Worker

Photo: Charles & Keith

You’ve never quite had a conversation with her for more than a minute, and that’s only because you happened to be in the same lift together. She isn’t unfriendly or malicious, just too busy or not inclined to interact.


Kancheong Perfectionist

Photo: Charles & Keith

You dread working on projects with this office personality type. Seemingly inconsequential details can set this “kancheong spider” off into a mood that can ruin your day and your project. They make sure that everything is by the book and are naturally inclined to spearhead meetings and discussions. However, don’t underestimate her, because it’s always best to strive for perfection.


The Gossip

Photo: Net-a-Porter

The one who somehow happens to know everyone’s juiciest scandals or most embarrassing moments. These gossip girls aren’t genuinely malicious or mean, they just happen to be in the loop about everything.


The Ray Of Sunshine

Photo: Carven

You can always count on this personality type to start the day with a bright smile and an inspiring #QOTD on her social media. Even if something legitimately upsetting occurs during the course of work, the ray of sunshine can always put a positive spin on it. Bright colours and cute jewellery are common traits of this personality type.


The Hero

Photo: Charles & Keith

Seriously, how do they do it? Heroes somehow produce a massive amount of work every day and go above and beyond the call of duty for their job scope. Everyone agrees that heroes aren’t paid enough and that they need to take a break soon, but they never complain.


The Everyday Dress Up One

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Walk, walk fashion baby. Every day seems to be a fashion show for this worker, who enjoys turning the office aisle into a runway with flashy designer clothes and shoes. You always wonder how she affords it all on the same salary as you, but you thoroughly enjoy seeing her walk into the building in over-the-top outfits. Don’t make her feel somewhat self-conscious about your go-to work outfit!


The Mother Hen

Photo: Charles & Keith

Every office has that one person who is a walking pharmacy. Whether you are in need of panadol or laxatives, this is who you go to! Mother hens are recognisable by their insistence that you need to eat more and eat better, and is always on hand with snacks for sharing.


The Goddess

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You can’t find anything wrong with her; her hair and outfit are impeccable, she’s incredibly productive and no one has anything bad to say about her. She never seems to have an ungraceful moment, even at awkward Christmas parties. You feel almost unworthy to talk to her, but she’ll entertain any interaction that you initiate. However, it doesn’t seem that she can really get close to anyone and seems coolly detached most of the time.


Vacation monster

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She’s either always on leave or coming back from leave. Her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her cavorting in exotic places and far-off countries. When she’s at work, though, she frequently talks about needing to “get away again”.


The MC Queen

Photo: Charles & Keith

A variation of the vacation monster, the MC queen seems to be sick every other week, and sometimes you wonder if she’s truly ill or not. But to be fair, there is not one person alive who hasn’t taken medical leave just to have a day off to de-stress and unwind.


The Cutsie One

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You probably didn’t realise that one person could own so many Hello Kitty plush toys. This colleague is supremely lovable and rarely gets on anyone’s nerves. This is who you go to for the cutest gift ideas or a soft-hearted shoulder to cry on.


The Dominatrix

Photo: Net-a-Porter

Do not ever get in her bad books. You can never afford to let her see you screw up, or it’s all over. The dominatrix can crush your spirit with no more than a withering frown at your work. But when you’ve done a good job, they’ll be fair and let you know.