What’s next for the Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next
The Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next class of 2014. Image: Cornelyus Tan

Along with the February 2014 closure of Parco Marina Bay, the Parco next next fashion incubator project has drawn to a close after a four-year run.

Young fashion designers have created, retailed and presented their fashion collections on international runways, while having shown and sold their fashion labels at tradeshows and pop-up events abroad; like at the recent Singaporium pop-up store in Parco Shibuya, Tokyo.

And they’ve even more exciting stuff in the pipeline post-Parco Next Next: One menswear brand will soon open its first flagship store in Taipei. More fashion alumni of Parco Next Next will soon become co-owners of a multi-label boutique while another womenswear designer plans to launch her first ever accessories line.

We speak to the creative minds behind Mash-Up, Revasseur, Evenodd and more, who share their upcoming fashion projects.

What’s next for the Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next

Singapore fashion designers Gilda Su (left) of Revasseur and Samuel Wong (right) of Evenodd will soon co-run a multi-label boutique store. IMAGES: HERWORLDPLUS

Fashion designer Samuel Wong has big expansion plans for his menswear label Evenodd: Its first ever flagship store will open in Taiwan, thanks to a celebrity investor, who has “pumped in funds to open a stand-alone Evenodd store in Taipei and is interested bringing my brand to China by the end of 2014,” shares Wong.

On top of that, Wong will also open “a new multi-label boutique store, together with Revasseur designer Gilda Su and two other partners at Orchard Gateway.”

Named Superspace, this upcoming multi-label store and salon will stock an eclectic range of clothing labels from Singapore, as well as streetwear labels like JoyRich and more from Japan, Europe and beyond, in the hope to introduce more emerging fashion brands to Singapore shoppers. This store is due to open April 29, 2014, at Orchard Gateway.

While Revasseur fashion designer Gilda Su continues to keep her fashion focus largely based in Singapore, she has got more than a few big plans coming up. Su will show her latest collection at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 as part of “The Fashion Ritual” showcase, alongside emerging Singapore fashion labels Dzojchen, Mae Pang, Aijek and 2HB. She has also been commissioned to design costumes that will be as “crazy as those in Cirque du Soleil”, in reference to the famed Canadian circus troupe.

What’s next for the Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next

The Singapore fashion designers and co-founders of Mash-Up (L-R): Shaf Amis’aabudin, Daniela Monasterios Tan and Nathanael Ng. Image: herworldPLUS

The creative fashion trio of Mash-Up on the other hand, plan to keep up with all that they’re currently doing, while taking their label to more cities too.

“We’re looking for more overseas stockists,” says Nathanael Ng of Mash-Up; the Singapore fashion label is currently stocked in Indonesia and Malaysia right now.

Fans interested in aping the Mash-up style will be psyched to join the upcoming workshops planned by this fashion collective, who will be holding crafty DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion workshops with the National Library Board. The fashion collective will also be back at the Blueprint Emporium, the retail segment of the annual Blueprint fashion tradeshow come May 2014.

“Our ‘bash-up!’ events with The Butter Factory will continue and the tees we’ve designed for the second Uniqlo Feel the SEA collection will be in stores soon,” adds Ng.

And true to Mash-Up’s streetwear-loving roots, this fashion label will soon design headphones too: “We’ll design Mash-Up customised Pioneer headphones for an upcoming product launch.”

What’s next for the Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next
Singapore fashion designer Lionel Low of Lion Earl. Image: herworldPLUS

Other designers like Lionel Low are looking to new fashion horizons: The co-founder and designer of Lion Earl is planning to debut an eponymous premium ready-to-wear label soon.

“It will consist of a full womenswear range of handcrafted, draped pieces; I’m already talking to stockists who are interested in carrying my label,” says Low.

Lion Earl co-founder Hariz Lim will keep the label going by taking over the role as the brand’s designer. “He wishes to continue with the label on his own and will create smaller collections, all done by him,” adds Low.

What’s next for the Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next
Singapore fashion designer Kae Hana (left) to launch an accessories line, while Episene designer Lee Yun Ting (right) hopes to stock her label in Japan. IMAGES: HERWORLDPLUS

Kae Hana, the designer behind her eponymous label, plans to branch out into accessories design; she has a new line of accessories and bags in the pipeline. Feedback from her fashion fans spurred her decision. “A lot of people like my prints, but they want it on a smaller scale, like on tote bags and such,” says the designer.

She also hopes to open a multi-label boutique focused on Singapore fashion labels. “We’re looking at one place right now,” says Kae. “It’s hard to find stockists (for Singapore labels), so why don’t we stock our own?”

Episene founder Lee Yun Ting concurs: She’s looking to stockists in Japan instead of Singapore, as she feels that her creations are more well-received there. “I want to look for possible stockists in Japan, and shift to online retail for future collections,” says Lee, who is also currently working on customised orders from private clients.

Some, like self-taught fashion designer Saloni Rathor, plan to go back to the basics: She intends to pursue a formal course in fashion design, to learn more about textiles and apparel construction.

What’s next for the Singapore fashion designers of Parco Next Next
(L-R) Saloni Rathor, fashion designer of her namesake label, Genevieve and Jamie Goh of 20:twothree and Alexandria Chen. Images: herworldPLUS, Parco Singapore

“I want to sew a lot and create more custom orders for private clients,” says Rathor, who has also been commissioned to create limited edition pieces for Gnossem as well as Victoria Juomo, the newest stockist to carry her Saloni Rathor label.

It won’t be the end of the fashion road either for other emerging labels like 20:Twothree and Alexandria Chen; the designers intend to continue on with their seasonal collections, albeit on a smaller scale than before.

Fashion designer Alexandria Chen plans to focus on more made-to-measure commissions, while working on a smaller upcoming collection for her namesake label. She will continue to craft leather accessories as she puts the final touches on her Spring Summer 2014 collection, which will be carried at new multi-label boutique Sarah B. at Raffles Place.

Genevieve Goh, co-founder of 20:twothree too, has chosen to take things slow, after the intense fashion flurry of activity during her stint at Parco Next Next. She has recently returned from the launch of her Spring Summer 2014 line at the Singaporium pop-up store in Parco Shibuya, with plans to launch the newest 20:twothree collection in Singapore soon too.

So watch this space; we can’t wait to see what these young Singapore fashion designers achieve next.

Catch the Revasseur runway presentation at Audi Fashion Festival, running from May 14 to 18, 2014. More details soon on audifashionfestival.com.